Today is my father’s birthday. This is the first year I’ve been unable to send him a present, because he’s with The King. 🙂 (And I’m sure he’s not missing my earthly tokens.)

The video above is another “visual sermon.” I’ve always loved S.M. Lockridge, and this visual really enhances a message that needs no enhancement.

Do you know the King? The all important question.



  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this, Angie. I expect your earthly father and your heavenly father are enjoying this tribute together. Jim Caviezel’s face glows with the majesty of our King. Beautiful clip! Clyde

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, Angie. Powerful tribute to our King, and reminder of what awaits. Praying you feel an extra hug today. Bless you, sister,
    Mary Kay

  3. Ruthie

    A fantastic clip! All through it I kept thinking, “Glory! Hallelujah!” Guess that says it all…………….

  4. Cathy Bryant

    I love this clip! I first saw it in our church during a worship service. If that doesn’t make you want to shout “Hallelujah!” I don’t know what will…


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