Huge Cannon Fires Pumpkins at 600 MPH – Watch more Funny Videos

This is such a man thing. As a woman, I’m more fascinated by the men’s fascination. My main question: WHY?



  1. Ruthie

    And my answer to your question is: Because they can!! LOL

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Oh yes, the annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin Festival is a big deal up in Delaware. It’s been going on for 24 years and has a lot of spin-offs. But the guys on this video wouldn’t qualify. No explosives – it all has to be catapults and trebuchets!

    I’m with you. It cracks me up how seriously these guys take it.

    Especially since the ones who made the video kept spelling it “Canon”!

  3. Debbie in SC

    …but the pumpkins mist come down somewhere…in a woods? where?


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