Alfred N., the inventor of TNT, woke early one morning, picked up a French newspaper, and was startled to find his own obituary printed within its pages. An incorrect source had reported his death, and the writer of the obit called Alfred “a merchant of death.”

The unfortunate realization that he would go down in history with such a negative stain on his name inspired Alfred to do something better. He used the huge profits from his invention to establish a prize for those who worked for peace, and today we call it the “Nobel Prize.” All this was done to gild Nobel’s name with positive memories and associations.
The recent award, however, has just tarnished poor Alfred’s name, perhaps forever. Even Time Magazine admits that the Nobel’s committee awarding Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize was “prospective” and “premature.” (Oct. 9, 2009).
Peace Prize, indeed. Forgive my snarky attitude, but as the sages always say–Wishin’ don’t make it so. I have a strong feeling that this president will do more to destroy our country than any president in recent history.
Recently a friend told me about an email exchange he’d had with some colleagues who didn’t see why anyone was concerned about Obama’s original birth certificate (which has not been released to the public). So what if he was born in a foreign country? they asked. What difference does it make?
Ah–it makes a HUGE difference. If he was born in another country, then he purposely lied and covered up evidence in order to advance his political ambitions–and he took other people with him as they joined the “smother-up.” If he was born in another country, and lied about his citizenship on his college applications (which have also been withheld from the public), then he has evidenced a total disregard for our laws, our Constitution, our procedures and the rules to which we hold every other candidate accountable. If he was born in another country, he has shown incredible disdain for the American people . . . and tricked millions into following a liar. Character counts. This issue matters. And still, one has to ask: why hasn’t he come clean? Because he doesn’t think he has to.
Unlike thousands of American patriots who gave their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to establish and defend this country, Obama won’t even reveal his birth certificate.
That disappoints me most of all. Mr. President, PLEASE show your original long form birth certificate (the one with the footprint on it!), so we can all get back to our work. If you were born in the U.S., great–we who want to see the birth certificate will apologize and leave the matter alone. But if you were born elsewhere, it won’t be the birth certificate that disqualifies you from the office of the president–it will be your arrogance, your lies, your total disregard for our national constitution.
Please–all this can go away with the truthful admission of one tiny piece of paper. The ball’s in your court . . . until a judge decides to take it into his.
Update: the emperor has no clothes, and people all over the world are beginning to realize it. A friend who has been following this in Sweden and Norway (where the Nobel prize originates) sent me these links with comments (and translations) from folks in those countries: (“Dette er så jävla dumt.” = “This is so *^&*% stupid.”) (“Dette er en skandale. Dette er en «krig-og-fred-og-sånt»-pris. Det er en fortsettelse av dette kjendiseriet som begynte med Al Gore-prisen.” = “This is a scandal. This is a ‘war-and-peace-and-so-on’ prize. It’s a continuation of the celebrity series that started with Al Gore.”) (“Jagland uttalte tidligere at prisen burde gå til en kandidat det var bred enighet om. Obama er ikke en slik kandidat. Det er vel og bra å gi mennesker forhåpninger om fred, men håpet kan fort bli borte hvis handling uteblir.” = “Jagland said earlier that the prize should be given to a candidate who had broad unanimity of support. Obama is not such a candidate. It’s well and good to give people hope for peace, but hope can quickly vanish without actions.”) BTW, “Jagland” is Thorbjorn Jagland, former prime minister of Norway and currently head of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee) (This is a video interview with the political editor at Aftenposten and he speaks with a dialect, so my translation is a little rougher. But the text snippet “en uhyre dristig tildeling” means “an exceedingly bold/brazen award.”)


  1. Affording the Mouse

    I couldn’t agree more. Obama is a textbook case narcissist. I think he truly believes that the law of the land does not apply to him.

  2. Kaye Dacus

    I could not disagree with you more. Our president has done more to restore the good name of our country and our reputation as a peace-making country—instead of a war-making country—than any president we’ve had in more than half a century.

    Oh, and he has produced his birth certificate, it has been authenticated.

  3. Angela

    Afraid not. The “birth certificate” he posted is the short form–no footprint. My children have a short form certificate from VIRGINIA, but they were born in South Korea.

    At least I’m honest about it. 🙂


  4. Diana

    What was really interesting to me were the astonished faces of the left media this am and their admission that this is indeed premature, that no one has ever received this prize for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it before- I am sure since the AM announcement that they have scrambling and are now spinning their initial amazement- but we know if there was ever a time to pray it is now!

  5. Connie Stevens

    Angie, I do agree with you, and add that Jagland stated the usual parameters that guide the committee in choosing a recipient were “set aside” in this case, and the prize was awarded based on “potential instead of merit”. Is the American public really so ignorant to believe this man’s lies? This is only further proof of the blatant manipulation to which this administration will go to achieve his self-serving agenda.

  6. Anonymous

    Kaye, can you tell us exactly what he’s done? Specifics?

    How do we look any different than a year ago when Bush was president? I’m just curious to hear your POV.

    Curious One

  7. Anonymous

    You know who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? The U.S. Military, that’s who. Just do a little thought experiment. Would there be more bloodshed and war in the world if we shut down the military, or less?

    The answer is obvious. But that truth cannot penetrate the hard left, or those blinded by the aura of The One, who has done absolutely NOTHING. Even Saturday Night Live knows that.

  8. Anonymous

    The saddest thing is that Obama will believe he deserves it. His ego is legendary and frightening. This award just lost its credibility. Our president has already lost his.

  9. Sunny

    Very well said, Angie. I couldn’t agree with you more! Obama hasn’t done anything to deserve the Nobel Prize any more than I have. And keeping peace in a house full of kids is quite a feat! 🙂 The Nobel Prize lost it’s meaning today.

  10. Janet

    I am embarassed and sorry for both the Nobel Prize committee and for Obama, because this is not a good fit. He should have politely declined. I know some cases of folks who have gracefully said “No thanks you’ve got the wrong time and wrong guy”…that’s character and touch with the real world of who you are and who you are not. It’s like being offered a gold medal at the Olympics for an event in which you qualified, but haven’t competed yet.

  11. BJ Hoff

    The “judgment” of the elitist, leftist Nobel committee has long been in question.

    No longer. If this latest decision weren’t so pathetic, it might be deemed nothing more than a lapse of reason or a slap at moderates and conservatives. Unfortunately, it’s merely another slide down the ethics ladder for the Committee that rewarded Jimmy Carter and Al Gore for naivete and lack of common sense.

  12. Rachel

    That’s not his birth certificate. You can’t take that form to the DMV and be able to get a driver’s license and Social Security won’t accept it either. There is a lot more going on with this story than most people realize and the saga is far from over.

    Someone who has been in an office for TWELVE DAYS at the time of nomination for such an award should not even be eligible. The whole thing is a farce and he has not promoted “peace” anywhere. Especially in his own country. This country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War.

    He had the nerve to jet off to Copenhagen when he was supposed to be meeting with the Joint Chiefs to discuss the most recent Afghanistan recommendations. The man has done *nothing* since he was sworn in, except alienate his own countrymen. What’s the use of having a good face with the world if his own country hates him?

  13. Teri Dawn Smith

    The main thing our president has done on the world stage is to apologize for America. I guess some on the committee think that makes for peace.

    My vote goes to the American Military.

  14. Anonymous

    Hawaii does not have a “short” or “long” form of the birth certificate:

    From an interview with Janice Okubo, from the Hawaii Dept. of Health that appeared in the Honolulu Star Bulletin on June 6, 2009:

    Asked for more information about the short-form versus long-form birth documents, Okubo said the Health Department “does not have a short-form or long-form certificate.”

    “The birth certificate form has been modified over the years and decades to conform to national standards and models,” she said.

    Okubo also emphasized the certification form “contains all the information needed by all federal government agencies for transactions requiring a birth certificate.”

    She added that the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the state’s current certification of live birth “as an official birth certificate meeting all federal and other requirements.”

  15. Mocha with Linda

    As I posted this AM on my blog, the world is looking for peace in all the wrong places (to paraphrase the old Urban Cowboy song!). It immediately brought to mind scriptures about our real Peace!

    Great thoughts, Angela, as always.

  16. dellartist

    Angie, you have said it so well. Even those who are admirers of Obama seemed stunned by this award. I can’t remember a time when it went to someone who showed “promise” of bringing peace. It is demeaning to other Nobel prize winners in science or medicine for instance, who actually accomplished something.


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