This one goes out to my cousin, Belinda, who loves cats and dogs . . . but do her pets love each other? LOL. Cute video, adorable puppy. Enjoy!



  1. Susan R

    Back when I lived in Waco, some friends of mine had a chihuahua that had been raised with cats. She was convinced she was a cat, but she had problems when she tried to clean her face and ears with a paw like they did. Just didn’t quite reach.

  2. Leslie

    I’m a bit disturbed by the music – my puppy and cat play like that and its not out of “love” – that’s them playing – LOL

    Yeah – my puppy has learned to use the litter box from the cat. No training from “mommy” required!

  3. K. L. Kraemer

    I thought the cat was incredibly sweet.


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