Thanks to the blog reader who sent me to this! What a lovely way to use humor to stress an important principle: the government can only give away what it takes from someone else. It does not make money.

I am a little disheartened when I hear well-meaning people say that the government should provide us with health, a standard of living, education, and retirement funds . . . What? No, all we are promised is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. On GMA the other morning I heard Dr. Tim Johnson say that we couldn’t be happy without good health care . . . well, I know a lot of bed-ridden folks, and people who live with chronic pain, who would disagree with that. His statement is only a hair’s breadth away from saying that if you can’t achieve a certain quality of life, then your life isn’t worth living.

No, sir.

We who are Christians are charged with feeding the poor and ministering to the less fortunate. In fact, every religion I know of (except, perhaps, for a couple of odd cults) promotes kindness and generosity as a way of life for its members. To entrust charity, education, and health care to the hands of the government will only insure that our dollars buy less and our hearts grow cold because problems will always be someone else’s responsibility.

In truth, my friends, the government CAN’T. It should stick to doing what it has been charged with doing–protecting the national boundaries (i.e., defense) and maintaining law and order.



  1. Mocha with Linda

    What a clever spoof. Funny but frightening.

    (And now The Candy Man will be on my brain all morning! LOL)

    And what you have written is so true and so obvious. Angie for President!

  2. Laura in Texas

    Well said, Angie. I’ve been involved in a “debate” about that very issue on Facebook. I just keep thinking that the belief that we have a “right” to healthcare assumes that we have a “right” to be healthy, and I just don’t think we do. And to take it a step further, those people believe that we not only have a right to healthcare, but that we have a RIGHT to have someone else pay for it. Again, just not true.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks, Angie. It’s sad that so many need to be reminded of the truths you, Linda, and Laura mentioned. I’ve discussed similar issues–especially health care–with family and friends. What a variety of responses I’ve gotten. But we need to discuss, and to think.

    I saw clips of a cartoon/video being shown in many schools (The Story of Stuff) that tells kids, among other “facts,” the government’s job is to take care of us. One boy showed his father the test given after the video, which included the “facts” or right answers: Babies are exposed to the most toxins, and if we can’t buy a lot of stuff we don’t have much value. (That one even seemed contradictory to the point of the video. But what a perspective to be teaching children in school!)

    I’d second Linda’s “Angie for President”–but I’d hate to see my friend go through the media shredding! Pray!

    Blessing, sister,
    Mary Kay


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