Photos: Gordon Luff warms us up on a Sunday morning, a performance, clowning around, and traveling in Korea. (I don’t know where the other girls were hiding.)

If this is Thursday, the hubby and I are off on a grand adventure. 🙂 We’re heading to Lynchburg, Virginia, where we met, married, and lived for ten years.

I should back up. After leaving the Re’Generation in 1978, I went to Liberty, where I sang with the LBC Chorale (as it was then known) and traveled with Dr. Falwell when we weren’t in classes. The Chorale was led by Gordon Luff, a professor/minister/teacher who ended up being extremely influential in my life.
During my second year, the Chorale was swallowed up by an organization called “Youth Aflame,” because Gordon’s real heartbeat was youth ministry. I haven’t been called to youth ministry, but I’ve always liked kids, so I enjoyed traveling and singing to young people when we weren’t in class. We traveled during the summer as well, and formed many lasting friendships with the other “kids” on the team and in the youth ministry.
I began dating my hubby-to-be, you guessed it, a youth minister, and we married in 1980. Hubby served on the youth staff at the church in Lynchburg until 1987, when we moved to Florida.
Anyway–through Facebook, about a year ago several of us reconnected, and soon plans were being laid for a grand reunion of Gordon Luff, his family, and everyone who had ever been involved with any facet of Youth Aflame–and that’s hundreds of people. So we are coming together this weekend to share, and I already know there are some great stories waiting to be told. We’ve lost some members as some folks have already gone home to heaven. We’ve had some who’ve spent the last few years “underground” in mission fields where they’re not allowed to publicly proclaim the name of Christ. Lots of stories, lots of old friends.
We also have friends who became dear to us while we lived in Lynchburg, of course, so we’re also looking forward to reconnecting with them. I’ve been back to the campus a few times in the past few years, but hubby hasn’t. This will be fun.
So–we’re off! Looking forward to being motivated and inspired all over again.


  1. Leslie

    What a grand idea! Have a wonderfully blessed time of fellowship.

  2. Sue

    How fun Angie! We have family friends who went to Liberty and I would imagine around that time. Do you know Steve and Georgie Kearns at all? (Not sure what Georgie’s maiden name was)

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds fabulous! Have a super time, and tell all, when you can come up for air! Clyde


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