So . . . Tuesday my goal was to get the first 5,000 words of THE GRANDMA GENE into the computer. So I got up, did all my morning stuff, and was at my desk by 11:00 a.m. Opened my writing program and stared at the little note cards on the screen. My job was to fill them in with scenes, lots of scenes.

I looked down and noticed that my keyboard had a hair on it. Oh, no. Had to stop and remove the hair. Had to then turn the keyboard upside down and shake to dislodge any miscellaneous pieces of personal DNA that might be hiding there. Then had to get the antiseptic wipes and clean the entire shelf on which the keyboard sits–can’t have a dirty shelf, can we? Oh! And that’s dust on the printer and the phone. Excuse me while I dust said printer and phone and Kindle and work area . . .
Back to the desk. Emails arrive, several of them. Yea. I answer them immediately.
Oh! The UPS man. I run out to the porch and retrieve the package, then come in and open it. A book. One I’ve looked forward to reading–THE HUNGER GAMES. Am tempted to start the first chapter, but no, I must write today. Set the book aside.
Oh, my, I think it’s lunch time. Lunch break.
Back from lunch. Sit down, open shelf, hands on keyboard. But look, more emails have arrived. I answer them immediately.
Hands on keyboard when I hear the rumble of the mail truck. Mail call, and there’s bound to be a lot of mail because yesterday was a holiday. Go out and grab the mail, then come in and sort it. Toss, toss, file, toss, toss–oh! Two books: Randy Alcorn’s IF GOD IS GOOD (autographed, no less!) and Dean Koontz’s A BIG LITTLE LIFE. I skim through Randy’s book and find myself tearing up at the truths written there. Have to stop and send him a thank-you email.
With an effort, set books aside. Hands on keyboard, but look! Dog wants to go out. Okay.
Get up and take dogs out. While they are doing their thing, I take a few moments to water the plants, scoop poop, consider rearranging the porch furniture. No, too hot. Maybe later.
Back inside. At desk. In chair. Hands on keyboard. Who are these people and whatever made me think I could write a novel about them?
Phone rings. Hubby calling. Chat about nothing important.
Emails come in. Answer them immediately. One is from a friend who wants to know when’s a good time to call. NOW, I respond.
He calls. We talk. I hang up.
Hands on keyboard. Eyes straight ahead. Oh my, I’m thirsty. Need Diet Coke. Up to kitchen, empty glass in hand. On way back to desk when I remember laundry in dryer. Oh my, can’t let those clothes wrinkle. Stop and fold laundry–some of it, anyway.
Back to desk. Hands on keyboard. Wait–still thirsty, because cup, Diet Coke, and ice are in laundry room. Off to fetch them.
Back at desk. Emails come in! Yea! Write chatty notes to friends. Stop and stare at people walking by on sidewalk. Who are they? What are they doing in the neighborhood? What are their dreams?
Scold self–should confine imaginings to characters in work-supposedly-in-progress. Hands on keyboard. Type.
Stop typing and laugh. Think this would make a good blog post. Consider writing it out now, but sternly remind self that 5,000 words must come first. Hands on keyboard. Wonder about Jon and Kate. Sigh for those eight children.


  1. Linda

    Oh my! How did you get into my kitchen? Where are you hiding that you could so describe my day! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! My characters have been stuck at a Taco party now for weeks! (sigh) Gotta go let the dogs out!!

  2. Kathy C.

    I think you’ve described many of our days.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    LOL! You make even the mundane riveting!

    And this is one of those posts that just reassures us that you are human!

  4. BJ

    LOL! A tip of th’ hat from one who knows!


  5. Lynda in MO

    I can so relate to this. Some of us have perfected procrastination to an art form! In fact, I’m reading and commenting on your blog right now – while I’m supposed to be doing something else. Ah well…

  6. Anonymous

    And you are one the super-women who accomplish so much! And by now I’m wondering–how? She’s so like the rest of us.

    (Which, BTW, is why I’m at your blog and not polishing my WIP! Difficult to concentrate in the office-office, not my writing office. Thanks for being real, Angie! God bless you , sister,
    Mary Kay

  7. Laura in Texas

    This was fabulous! Thank you for sharing your day. It’s actually encouraging.

  8. sunnij

    ROFLOL! I resemble those remarks. ‘Nuf said. I’m actually getting coaching to get over my procrastination.

  9. Sue

    Oh I feel SO relieved to read this today. Thanks for your transparency as I continue to procrastinate on my latest writing assignment. I’m in good company 😀

    Happy writing tomorrow… or the next day 😉

  10. Ruthie

    Okay. Now you’ve done it! You’ve fallen off your pedestal and become human! And here all this time I thought you had the special gift of being able to sit down at your computer and type away those thousands of words each day. Such discipline and motivation, I thought. How much I would like to be like Angie!

    And I am!! LOL

  11. Gene

    It’s nice to know you struggle with the same distractions. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  12. Jodie

    Hey, wait a second. Are you watching me? Seriously, thank you. It is good to know that I’m not the only one whose sanguine self is having trouble sitting still! Ooh, look! It’s lunchtime!


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