Leslie turned me on to this ongoing Sims story online. Fascinating, inventive, and clever! This gal in Britain is playing Sims 3 with two homeless characters (created by placing her characters on a vacant lot and spending their start-up money on dead trees and park benches). Reading through it is like reading a comic book–quite fascinating and heart-rending! I love it when the “Alice” character, who has a trait of “good,” gives all her money to charity.

As for me, one of my games–which was well into the fourth generation of the Wolff family–got hopelessly messed up with a computer glitch, so I started over again. But I’m being good and only playing when my work for the day is done. 🙂
Jenny Craig update: fourteen pounds off. I’m more than 20 percent closer to my goal!


  1. Sue

    I’ll have to check out that Sims story… very creative and it sounds a little sad. Wonder what made her play that way with her Sims? Hmm.

    Bummer about your Sims family but sometimes it’s good to start fresh. I really do need to start playing mine again… I guess my Sims took an extended summer vacation this year – ha ha

    Way to go on your Jenny Craig success!

  2. Doni Brinkman

    So far I am not even tempted to play this however, I do enjoy reading your Sim’s family blog. 🙂

  3. Leslie

    I just knew you would post about this 🙂

    I love reading Robin’s story – he has a way with words that is unusual (well for someone who is supposedly a gamer based on what else I saw on his site). I think he decided to have homeless characters as a sort of fun social experiment.

    BTW, A friend of mine let me borrow her Sims 3 to see if it would run on my computer. And it does! I’ve been playing for over an hour with only a few hiccups (but not as bad as the “loading” times for Sims 2). I’m waiting until the baby is born and then I’ll uninstall the program and give it back to her. I’m planning on buying it tomorrow if I can find it cheap enough 🙂


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