LOL! And I thought I had done something pretty cool when I taught my dogs to “shake.”



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. Pretty impressive. Getting the dog to the top of that pole cracked me up!

  2. Chandra

    Okay, so maybe I am not as good a dog trainer as I thought! LOL Seriously, I love to see what people do with their dogs, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing Angie.

  3. CS Lakin

    Way too fun. If only I could make the characters in my novels obey me so readily!

  4. Momstheword

    That is great, no other word for it. Thanks for posting it for us.

  5. Linda

    Wow! My two white German Shepards and I loved it! What a show!

  6. Anonymous

    Even my kitties were impressed … well, at least they didn’t sniff and walk out of the room! Clyde

  7. dellartist

    Thanks, Angie, this made my day! Nothing is better to lift the spirit than dogs who love their “jobs” and their person!


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