My friend Athol is, quite simply, one of the best writers around in any field. I’m happy to call him my friend and thrilled to tell you about his latest book, Lost Mission. Here’s the official information:

“An epic suspense story spanning two centuries and brimming with magical realism.”

Lupe de la Garza, a simple shopkeeper in a mountain village in Mexico, believes God wants her to go to America to preach the gospel. She is guided on her quest by her people’s greatest treasure: an altarpiece painted by the eighteenth century Franciscan friar who founded her village after fleeing the mysterious destruction of his California mission outpost. When Lupe is distracted by desire for a young minister who rescues her from certain death in the Arizona desert, and when her preaching in a southern California beach town inspires only apathy and laughter, she begins to lose faith in her quest. Then the slumbering evil that destroyed the friar’s Franciscan mission rises up again after two hundred years, and Lupe once more looks to the altarpiece for guidance, only to find the true purpose of her quest in the midst of her single greatest fear.

You can read the complete first chapter of Lost Mission by clicking here.

To get your own copy, click Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Christianbook.

I hope you enjoy reading Lost Mission as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you do, please tell your friends!

Athol Dickson

Athol’s blog

Doesn’t that sound positively fascinating? Order now . . . and you’ll be glad you did.


  1. Accidental Poet

    I have been looking for a new Athol book – lucky us!

  2. Kay Day

    Mine shipped out yesterday! Can’t wait.
    Right now I’m reading a little something called She’s in a Better Place.
    I think you would like it. 😉
    Kinda sad though. I’m kinda irritated with the author for killing off one of the characters (at least it’s looking like he will die. I’m still holding out for a miracle) but I’ll get over it.

  3. Kay Day

    Aww. No miracle. But nicely done, Angie. Beautiful and realistic. Love the way the series wrapped up!

  4. Angela

    So glad you liked it, Kay. Wouldn’t want you to STAY irritated with me! 🙂


  5. Kay Day

    I could never STAY irritated. At least I don’t get outright mad. I have friends who throw books that make them cry!


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