My friend Lyn sent me a link to the video above, knowing that all of us who do booksignings are prone to moments like this. Come to think of it, anyone who BREATHES is prone to moments like this.

So take a tip from Tim, and don’t just pull any verse out of the air. You may live to regret it. (Though I must admire the way he weaves comedy out of an embarrassing blunder). 🙂



  1. Suzanne

    Oh wow, poor Tim! LOL Thanks for sharing, he’s a favorite in our home.

  2. Misplacedwestsider

    Tim Hawkins is hilarious. Have you seen his new one called “The Government Can?” You should check it out on his website.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    That’s great! I hate questions like that. My mom was always asking me when I was a kid “What is your favorite book?” I always said “Why do I have to choose? I have a lot of favorites.”

  4. Caitriona aka Catherine

    It is always good to start the day with a good chuckle and a warning! Thanks for sharing and from yesterday Terri’s book sounds great. Your blog is great to visit because of the diversity of your posts.

  5. Laura in Texas

    That was priceless. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kathy C.

    I think I would have just signed John 3:16 to be on the safe side : )


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