The other day I started outlining and researching my next novel, tentatively called “The Grandma Gene.” While I was creating characters and such, I realized that I had set the novel on St. Simons Island–a lovely little island off the coast of Georgia. Eugenia Price made the island famous because 1) she lived on it and 2) she set her historical novels on St. Simons.

I’ve never been to St. Simons, but my mom and her sisters have gone and they loved it. So I toyed with the idea of taking a few days to rent a beach house and going up there to soak up the local color. After doing a little research, I discovered that it’s the same price to go up for four days as it is just to rent a house for a week. So I decided to rent a beach house.
Then I asked myself, “Do I go alone?” I knew my husband and son were gearing up for the school year, so they’d be busy–plus, someone has to stay here and take care of the beasts. So I thought my Mom might want to go.
After a quick flurry of calls and emails, we arranged it. Sunday morning, Lord willing, I left home and drove to Lakeland, where I picked up my cousin Ginger, then we drove to Winter Haven, where we picked up my Aunt Irene, then we drove over to Rockledge, where we picked up my mom. After that, we headed straight up I-95 until we hit St. Simons. By the time you read this, we should be lazing like women of leisure, swapping stories and generational tales about the family. I am SO looking forward to this.
And best of all, it’s all research for the novel. 🙂
I’ll try to post some pictures as the week progresses. Enjoy your week!


  1. Liesel

    That sounds absolutely perfect. I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Leslie

    I’m jealous (sort of). I wish I were on vacation right now… LOL

  3. Linda G

    I really want to visit St Simons Island. Are you going to go to the cementery where all of the people that Eugenia Price wrote about are buried?

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds utterly divine! Can’t wait to read about it in the future. In the meantime, have a super workation! Clyde

  5. Anonymous

    Your life is LIKE a book, Angie!

    I’ve written about zipping off to the shore — but can’t imagine finding an open date on such short notice, and in August.

    Hope you all have a delightful time. And that you left Jenny C. at home. 😉
    Mary Kay

  6. Kay Day

    I’ve been there, just for a little while. The first time I ever touched ocean was there in 1990.
    Sounds like a wonderful treat! Enjoy!

  7. Sue

    Sounds like a great spontaneous research trip 😀

    We’re making our way down to the Carolinas tonight and will be at the beach for a week starting Sat. Can hardly wait!

    Hope you get all you need & then some from your trip!


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