Ahoy there!  (I’m surrounded by nautical themes here on St. Simons Island).  

Mom, Aunt Irene, Ginger and I are having a great time here on my work-cation.  We’ve seen sights and shopped and watched movies.  We went to see “The Time Traveler’s Wife”  (I think it’s better if you’ve read the book beforehand, as I had), and yesterday we saw “Julie & Julia” (loved it–bought both books afterward).  
Can you see the crab in the first photo?  I chased him across the beach, trying to get a close up picture.  His beady little eyes stayed trained on me, and that little guy was FAST! 
See the hat in the second picture?  $400 for that chapeau.  Really.  In an antique store.  I love hats, but not that much. 
And the final picture is our entire crew as we prowled the graveyard at Christ Church, where Eugenia Price and many of her characters are buried.  Some OLD graves, Civil War era and beyond.  Fascinating, but it was so hot and muggy you could practically wring us out like a towel.  That’s me, Aunt Irene, Mom, and cousin Ginger.  
More updates tomorrow! 


  1. Kay Day

    But that is $400 worth of hat!

    Is there a log thing at the beach that you balance on and it is unstable?
    I remember that from my visit there, but it may be gone by now.

  2. Kathy C.

    Closest I’ve been is Jekyl Island and it was for a convention so I didn’t see anything.


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