Since I don’t have to start my WIP (I mean REALLY start it) until September 1, I’ve been taking some time off to read and play. For instance, my book club meets tonight and I haven’t finished our book yet, so I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day (Lord willing). 🙂

But I’ve also been putting around the house and playing a lot of The Sims. And now that I’ve raised many, many baby and toddler Sims (the toughest part of the game, IMHO), I have a few suggestions for the Sims masterminds and programmers:

(Can’t help it; I’m an INTJ, and it’s our nature to improve things).

For Babies:

*characters should be able to buy a rocking chair with “rock baby to sleep” as an option. Babies thus put to sleep should be dead to the world. 🙂

*”Bounce toddler on knee” should be an option for chairs and sofas

*You should be able to set infants on (made) beds for a short time. Toddlers, too, but toddlers should be able to fall off and be slightly hurt.

*”Kiss booboo and make it better” should be an option for toddlers who fall off the bed.

*Working parents need a day care center in the center of town where they can take children on their way to work.

*Children in the day car center should catch colds and pass them to parents who will feel bad and sneeze for two days.

*I’m still thinking puppies or kittens would be a great addition, but toddlers should be allowed to manhandle them. Gives parents one more thing to watch out for. (As if they didn’t have enough to do!)

And that’s my report from SimLand. I recently discovered that toddlers can read baby books by themselves, and last night I had all six of my babies reading and cooing and laughing . . . a few moments of perfect bliss until they began to get hungry and scream. 🙂



  1. Connie

    I agree with all those suggestions! I did not know toddlers could read books, I’ll have to try that.

    I now have a ghostie family going. One of my sims came to an unfortunate end and the Science center said if the sim brought the remains there, they could bring him back to life. Well, it worked, sort of. He became a ghost, but you can control those ghosts just like the other sims. They can work, marry, and have babies. Sometimes those babies are ghosts too. Ghostie babies are so cute!

  2. Sue

    I never knew the toddlers could read either. Whoa… I need to get playing my game more. Haven’t seen my Sims in weeks! Now that Fall is almost here I’m sure I’ll have more time to play!

    Loved the suggestions… you should write to EA with those 😉


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