You wouldn’t believe the goings on in my little Sim World.  I started with Thorton and Morgana, who didn’t look like they were going to have children until Thorton had a mid-life crisis and I changed his “dislikes children” to “family-oriented.”  Then they had six.  🙂  I even gave them fertility treatments, so they had twins almost every time.  

Then Thorton died and the kids took over the house.  I had to kick a few out when Thorton Jr. got married, because you’re only allowed to have eight people living in a house.  Then Thorton Jr. had six kids (I’m partial to the babies), but his wife was old when he married her, so I knew she was about to go at any moment, so I moved Thorton out into a new house and found him a new wife.  (My morals in Sim World are not my real-life morals, obviously).  
Then Thorton and his new wife, Shannon, had six kids, but I didn’t like Shannon very much. She was neurotic and kept checking the sinks and the oven, and she had a tendency to “freak out,” even when I didn’t tell her to.  Plus, she was mean.  She was athletic, and she would go out to play catch with her children and drill the football so hard that the kids were actually hurt.  I could hear them screaming in pain from my kitchen. 
So–when Olivia disappeared and I couldn’t find her, I moved Shannon out into her own house and presto!–Olivia popped up again, so I let them live together.  But I love the little babies and toddlers (truth be told), so I sent Thorton over and Shannon got pregnant.  My idea was to move Shannon back into the main house, but she didn’t want to go.  So I had Thorton Jr. Break up with her, and then apologize–I had read on some Sim bulletin boards that you could do this, but Shannon absolutely would not take him back.  Hard hearted, that woman.  I told you she was mean. 
So Thorton went over there and was fishing in her pond, waiting for her to stop gallivanting around town, and she showed up.  Thorton Junior was literally on his knees, expressing humiliation and begging her to come back to him, when the Grim Reaper appeared.  And you know what Shannon did?  She laughed.  I tell you, my blood boiled, because I was partial to Thorton Junior, having raised him from a pixel.  
So Thorton Junior died, Shannon has Mitchell, his baby (she named him–once they move out of your house, you can’t control these people), but I’m thinking I’m going to send the two elementary kids over there and swipe her baby in the switch.  And then I’ll find a cute husband for Poppy, the high school girl, because she’ll be old enough to marry very soon.  Then I’ll have to kick out a few more kids, so Poppy can fill the house up with babies and toddlers, but that’s the fun of the game . . . 
In the mean time, Thorton III is doing very well–a real sweet kids.  Wish you could meet him. 
Oh!  Their present house happens to be my dream house.  I took one of my Southern Living books of house plans, and built the house I’ve always wanted in Sim World.  Now my sims get to live in it, even though I can’t . . . 
Ah . . . off to escape to fantasy land. 


  1. Arkansas Angie

    lol….I like reading your Sims stories.
    Our family is still enjoying your books. My husband is reading THE AWAKENING, and I recently finished the FAIRLAWN series.
    Right now, I’m reading the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano, mentioned in the movie “Amazing Grace”….free on Gutenberg or .99 on Amazon. I thought you would be interested if you have not yet read it.
    Thought of you when we were in Tampa this summer. Have a blessed day.

  2. Arkansas Angie

    Oh!…Almost forgot…thank you for recommending Tyler Perry’s movies!

  3. Doni Brinkman

    Your so funny. 🙂 The more I read, the more tempted I am to try out some Sim’s play but I think I will have to wait until my own REAL children are grown up and moved out before I have even half a chance at that. 🙂

  4. Sue

    My goodness… your Sims are much more soap opera than my boring little family – hee hee

    I do the same thing too when building homes. I buy a houseplan magazine and then try & recreate it for my family… usually along the ocean’s edge!

    Have fun… and sorry about your loss of Thorton 😉

  5. Leslie

    You know its serendipity that you posted on this again! 😀

    Last night I finally found the cheat code for Sims 2 that allows me to do things like “know all neighbors” and “needs static” etc. Which was handy because I bought the expansion pack that sends the kids to college. I was getting tired of them and their college life so I utilized the ability to max out their motives and was able to fast forward through the game. I allowed them to fend for themselves in regards to hunger, etc… unless I saw someone getting dangerously close to dying and then maxed out their motives again.

    Sadly I also found the ability to make their knoweledge max out, which is sad cause then they aren’t left with much to do (noticed a lot of pillow fighting going on… LOL).

    But they are graduated… FINALLY and I can get them started on the rest of their lives.

    By the way… my family is 2 parents and their identical sextuplet girls. Yes I created them (not possible to do otherwise). All redheaded (I can tell the difference only by their hairstyles). I’m going to have fun matching them up with husbands so I can see what kind of kids they have. 😀

    I also found the cheat code for forcing a woman to have twins. Looking forward to that when I marry some of these girls off.

  6. Leslie

    Angie – does Sims 3 have a camera option? Sims 2 has the ability to take still shot pictures and small videos – should be accessible on your C:\ drive…. then you can post them… 😀


  7. Anonymous

    OMG!!!!! Clyde

  8. Connie

    Sims 3 does have a camera and video recorder. Comes in handy taking pictures of the furniture styles you create 🙂

    Right now I’ve got a male, Bart Porter, who is the leader of the free world. He’s cheating on his wife, Areceli (she’s from Mexico, dontchaknow) They have 6 kids – Luis, Carlos, Ariana, Rocio, Mariana, and Selena. Bart has been seeing Jennifer Martinez on the side (I think he has a thing for Latinas) and in fact will become her babydaddy shortly. I’ve been trying my best to kill Bart, because he really is a smooth-talking slime-ball, but so far nothing has worked. But Jennifer’s ex, Pablo, has been hitting on Areceli, so it might all work out fine.

  9. Lynda in MO

    These simians are a wild bunch! My girl, Gracie, somehow got pregnant without actually being with a guy!!! apparently it’s a little “glitch” in the system. she had a boy (Micah) and has yet to get her slug of a boyfriend, Leighton, to marry her. I think he has commitment issues. Anyway, i hear they have fixed the glitch so that single women can no longer get pregnant. *big sigh of relief* oh yeah, as soon as Gracie gave birth, her hair turned white and she was all bent over?! Yikes! Life is tough in sim-world!

  10. Angela

    Last night Poppy, my eldest daughter, kicked all of the younger kids out of the house (once they reached aulthood), adopted two kids, and then she married Jamie Sw0rd (what’s up with the strange surname? Are they aliens?). Now they’ve had twins, and she’s expecting again. Soon my house will be full again.

    My favorite age? Toddlerhood. My favorite thing to teach them? Potty training. LOL. I just love it when they make those baby grunting sounds.


  11. Connie

    I like when the toddlers pick their noses and say “GOOBER!” or something that sounds very similar. Then of course, they stick their fingers in their mouths 😀 NASTY, but so toddler-like 😀


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