It’s official! Read details here. I wanted to tell you about the project I just turned in, but I didn’t want to tell you anything until the publisher broke the news. So now I’m free to speak. 🙂

I enjoyed my last project tremendously. It was a collaborative project, meaning that I’m helped someone else write her story. The lovely someone is Gayle Haggard, wife to Ted Haggard.

I don’t know if you remember many of the details from 2006 when the Haggards found themselves on the cover of USA Today and many other newspapers, but I’ve been surprised to find that much of what I thought I knew wasn’t true at all. The real story has gone untold for nearly two years, and I’m delighted and thrilled to be a part of this venture. The book, which has a working title of WHY I STAYED, will be published by Tyndale House.
I met with Gayle in Chicago a few weeks ago, and after we threw together a rough draft, she came to my house last week and we spent some more time sharing stories and taking lots of notes. You’d like Gayle–she’s warm and personable and does not get frazzled when her slacks are slimed by my big dogs. In fact, Charley and Babe made her feel right at home, and they don’t always warm up to people that quickly.
Gayle and I would both appreciate your prayers as this book prepares for publication. I believe the message is an important one both to the church and to the world at large. We were on a tight deadline (as always), but we made it, and now the manuscript is in the editor’s hands. May the Lord bless this work for his kingdom.


  1. Linda G

    Are you going on the author tour with Gayle?

  2. To God be the glory...

    Can’t wait. I saw this precious woman and her husband on Oprah. They brought such a great message to that show that day. They have a powerful message that the world needs to hear. I have been in a place where I have had to forgive like she has before.

  3. Anonymous

    So excited to finally hear what your project was! Hubby and I have been guessing, based on the Chicago meeting. (We were no where near close!) Look forward to reading it. Sounds like a story that needs to be out there. Do you have a tentative release date?

    God bless you, Angie. Another piece of God’s kingdom work accomplished.
    Mary Kay

  4. Leslie

    Oh how wonderful! I don’t normally read memoirs but this is one that would be fascinating to read. I’m going to have to preorder this one.


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