1. The Dynamic Uno

    So it’s kind of like Second Life, only the characters are not real people on another computer, they’re created by the game. Cool!

  2. Leslie

    Oh man! I wish my laptop was fast enough for the Sims 3. I think my desktop is, but the chair is so uncomfortable. Now the part you mentioned about them getting older while away makes sense. That’s the nice thing about 2 is that if you aren’t ready for someone to grow up you can leave their lot. I’ve been playing “Pleasantview” and for the first time been going between the houses (in the past I’ve just been making up my own families). I’m trying to make the current teens all get enough life skill to get them to college. And the current crop of children not to turn into teens before their friends do (and the current teens are sent to college).

    But in 3 if you don’t have to wait for locations to load, that would be so much more fun! I may end up breaking down and getting this at some point. May wait until I’ve played 2 our though.


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