So I found this web site with the “most beautiful places in the world” . . . and as I scrolled through the pictures it occurred to me that the photos with man-made stuff in them didn’t please my eye as much as the photos that revealed nature alone. What God can do with some rocks and water . . . takes my breath away.

Maybe it’s because I’m a native Florida girl, but there’s something about the mountains that inspires me. Amazing . . . and they make me feel small, which is how I ought to feel when thinking about the Creator of it all.
Enjoy the photos. Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Anonymous

    Petra is fascinating, as is/are Iguazu Falls. But especially rugged mountains, the Candadian Rockies is my fave to view. And I’m so grateful God doesn’t make me select only one!

    This is also an interesting view of perception and editing. Some are interesting, but would never make my list of most beautiful places. Maybe you have to be there.

    Thanks once again for a delightful break from computer screen and pages of work, Angie.

    God bless,
    Mary Kay

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with you, Angie, and Mary Kay, too. The buildings and cities are beautiful, whether modern or from antiquity, but nothing can beat the majesty of the mountains or the breathtaking beauty of the reefs. The buildings are hard put to compare even with the sparkly moodiness of the bridge pilings on a dusky evening in the above ocean photo. Clyde

  3. Ruthie

    For me, it’s a toss-up between the Canadian Rockies and Yosemite Valley. When I was a young girl my family took a trip to the Canadian Rockies…the impressions I got then are still with me 50 years later! Yosemite Valley was my Dad’s most favorite place on the planet and he taught me to love it too. I don’t think I could really choose one over the other.

  4. Lynda

    Although I also enjoy the beauty of the mountains there is something breathtaking about the water. I can look at waterfalls all day. They’re so relaxing.


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