Last night my book club had a great meeting, and next month we’re reading THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett. I’m already halfway through, so I’m looking forward to finishing it on the plane.

I leave on Thursday morning for our novelists’ retreat, followed by the International Christian Retail Stores convention (or something like that), which used to be called “CBA.” Why did they make it more complicated?
Anyway . . . my dog Charley and I are not on good terms, and Babe is pushing her luck. Babe sleeps in our bedroom, in her own doggie bed, and Charley sleeps in an exercise pen, on a nice, thick foam mattress. But last night Babe was restless. At about 1:30 I felt her nose against my shoulder, and for about an hour she paced all through the room. She’d move from my side of the bed to my hubby’s, then she’d go to the door and scratch it. When I got up to let her out, she wouldn’t go out. Back and forth, all through the room, for at least an hour.
Finally she settled and I went back to sleep. But when I woke up this morning, I discovered that Charley had an accident of the worst kind in his bed–for the second time in as many weeks. (Big dog equals big mess). I had to get him out, send him out to be bathed (the Son was not thrilled by that task), while I swept and deodorized and stripped and sprayed and flushed (and had to plunge the toilet), etc. Now I’m washing clothes on the “sanitary” cycle, and that takes 2 hours!
All while I’m on a deadline, and rushing to maintain my quota so I won’t fall behind. Arrrrgh!
But that’s life. You roll with the punches, you brace for the unexpected. And you smile. 🙂
Hope your day got off to a more auspicious start than mine did!


  1. Leslie

    Eww… and I thought my little puppy’s messes were bad. I can’t imagine… Yuck.

    I wonder if its the humidity? Its been pretty bad in Texas the last week or so. I’ve been a bit worried about Ellie because she’s so little, I wonder how a larger dog would take it?

  2. Laura in Texas

    When I hear stories like that I’m glad my big dogs live outside . . . and my inside dog is a tiny little Yorkie! Sorry for your trouble, though.

  3. Smilingsal

    Thank you. You just made me thankful that I no longer have a dog!

  4. Susan R

    Hope Charlie didn’t eat something that made him sick which in turn caused the mess.

    You’re going to the International Christian Retail Show or ICRS. Once CBA decided that they were just “CBA” rather than the “Christian Booksellers’ Association,” they decided that they needed a name that was more description of what the show is.

    However, you can join the rest of us long-term CBAers who only remember the new terminology about one out of every four or five mentions – unless speaking to someone who works for CBA. They tend to be picky about it. 😉

  5. Kay Day

    ICRS is that thing that’s only for retailers and authors, right?

    Your day is bound to get better!
    Are people doing fireworks and freaking out the dogs? My dog has been very clingy the past few days. No accidents, though.

  6. Linda G

    This makes me glad we have a cat, just scoop and flush. My cat, Figaro (may she rest in peace), had some nasty ‘accidents’ in the last weeks of her life, so I hope that there is nothing wrong with Charley.

    Lori Copeland called me this morning. Have a great time rooming with her this weekend. She is so excited about the HD cruise!

  7. Linda

    When I hear of stories like that, I’m glad I have a cat!

    We did go through that with our dog years ago after we had been out of town. She would “hold it” until she got home. After several trips outside, my hubbie told her to be quiet. A few minutes later we were up the smell was so bad. It’s funny now.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh dear … sounds like Babe knew something was up with Charley. Do hope he’s doing better now. Our animals are just like our babies, aren’t they? Always worth the love and attention they need. Clyde

  9. Andrea

    Clyde – I was thinking the same thing. Babe was probably trying to warn about Charlie. I’ve heard so many stories about dogs being restless like that meaning that something is wrong besides them needing to “go out”. Amazing!


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