I mentioned the Sims a couple of weeks ago (scroll through July if you need a refresher course).

Well, the game has become my “carrot at the end of a stick” for my work day. If I get my pages done, I get to play the Sims for a while.
So a few nights ago I started with Gwen and what’s his name. They got married and lived together, and soon they gave birth to Snookums. Then I realized I could give them fertility treatments after they’d ammassed a certain number of “lifetime happiness” points, so I gave Gwen some extra hormones or something. A little bit later, she’s preggers, and we have twin boys. Oops! I have to buy more baby beds, or the Sims just leave the little guys lying on the floor.
Then I discover that the hubby (I can’t remember his name) can get fertility treatments, too, so I get those for him and soon Gwen gives birth to THREE boys. Which means I not only need another baby bed, but I have to add on another wing to the house. And another bathroom, because six kids and two parents just can’t seem to share one bathroom, especially when the plumbing is always leaking.
Snookums turns out to be a regular little mommy, helping Gwen out with all the twins and triplets, and before I know it, Snookums has gone white-haired and I haven’t gotten around to marrying her off. She’s “dating” a good looking Sim named Donte, but though they get very affectionate out in public, he never wants to pop the question. I try to get her invited to his house, but I can’t FIND his house on the Sims map.
So finally I invite Donte over to the frantic, over-populated house where Snookums and company lives. He marries her, and I’m allowed to move Snookums into his house, which turns out to be a cool, ultra-modern underground affair.
They get very affectionate in the bedroom, but “try for baby” is not an option now that Snookums is white-haired, so she places a call to the adoption agency and presto! A pink bundle of joy is delivered almost immediately. Snookums is delighted, but suddenly she places the baby on the floor and quakes as the GRIM REAPER appears to take her away.
Donte, her new husband, just stands there weeping and looking horrified at the thought of having to care for this kid. But he does, growing attached to Little Lucy Loo. I establish Donte in the apple orchard business, so he can stay home and grow apples and not have to call a babysitter for Lucy Loo.
But alas–when money gets low, Donte has to take the apples to the grocery to sell them, and Lucy Loo is left alone. Plus, now that Lucy Loo is a child and no longer an infant, they are sharing the same bed, but father/daughter Sims will not sleep in a double bed simultaneously. (I am amazed at the flexibility of their morals). And one night while Donte is rushing around, about to fall over dead from exhaustion, the social worker comes to take Lucy Loo away. Apparently she hasn’t been socialized enough, and talking to the maid doesn’t qualify. (All the maid does is complain that there’s not enough room on the bookshelf.)
And now Donte is truly bereft. He is often visited by Snookums’ ghost, but his late wife doesn’t want to clean the house or help with Lucy Loo, she only wants to play on the computer and levitate the furniture. Sigh.
And–gasp!–suddenly Donte has gone white-haired. Which means if he’s going to have an heir, he’d better get busy. So I send him into town, where he stands outside the bistro and propositions (in a nice way) every Sim female who comes along. Finally he discovers that Jana is RICH, and so he sets his sights on her. He invites her back to his house and my goodness, she’s pregnant, and yet I haven’t been given the option to have them marry. But that’s my plan–they need to get married so that baby can have a daddy and they can go live in Jana’s rich house. I’m tired of living underground in a place where you can’t even make a batch of waffles without burning up the stove.
And that’s the latest development in Sim-land. 🙂
Update: last night I mistakenly killed Dante off by trying a new combination of cheat codes and summoning the Grim Reaper. So Jana, who was pregnant, immediately went after Andres, but when he showed up to marry her, he had two babies in tow! Yikes! More than she bargained for, for sure.


  1. Suzanne

    Wow, it’s a regular soap opera!

  2. annee

    I’m worn “slam out” after all that drama….can we look forward to a Sims novel by Angela Hunt any time in the future? LOL

  3. Angela

    LOL! I think I’ve already written one. THE NOVELIST comes pretty close. 🙂


  4. Leslie


    Angela, I don’t know about Sims 3 but in Sims 2 there is an option to giving a Sim more life. Though I think once they hit a stage (adult hood, elderly, etc…) they can’t go back, but I’m not sure. I’ve not had a citizen yet get white haired.

    In Sims 2 there is a cheat code for getting more money – but I’m sure it doesn’t work for Sims 3.

    The fertility treatments are new! I’ve had them give birth to twins, but not triplets. I’d have to hire a nanny for that!

  5. Connie

    You can turn off aging in sims3, but then the kids don’t grow up, which is a major pain sometimes.

    And since you mentioned cheat codes, you press control+shift+c and type motherlode, it solves all your money problems. Wish this worked IRL 😀

  6. Angela

    Oh, I learned all about the cheat codes–and it’s definitely nice to have money for the asking. 🙂 Gives you more time to take care of all those babies!

    I tried playing with “needs static”–meaning that they never get tired, hungry, or have to go to the bathroom–but found that too boring.

    (Which makes me wonder if we won’t have some needs in heaven, just to keep things really lively?) 🙂


  7. Connie

    how do you keep the needs static? That does get boring, but when your teen sims want to have a part time job, develop skills, and do well in school, it could come in handy!

    I wouldn’t mind having some needs in heaven, just as long as I don’t have to do laundry! 🙂

  8. Angela

    To keep needs static (and do other fun things):

    Hit shift/control/C simultaneously. Then shift/click on the mailbox. There you’ll see the options. 🙂


  9. Leslie

    I wonder if that might work in Sims 2 too… Might have to try it 🙂 (about the needs static)

  10. Sue

    Oh my goodness… my Sims are so boring in comparison to yours – ha ha.

    I have to say though… 6 kids and 2 parents can and did live in a house with 1 bathroom … my house growing up! Fortunately though we didn’t have leaky plumbing (at least that I can remember)… and we got a 2nd bathroom put in when 1/2 of the older kids left home!


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