Obviously, United Airlines broke this guy’s guitar . . . but what a clever way to air your grievance! I wish I had such talent. Fortunately, at the moment I can’t think of anything to complain about . . .

Enjoy! Isn’t this a catchy tune?



  1. Linda G

    I have read about this but was the first time I had the time to watch the video.

    Speaking of traveling the prices for the Heavenly Daze cruise went down this week. I do not know how long they will stay down, but there is still time to join us and you can save money. How about fun, fellowship at a bargain price!!

  2. Bebemiqui

    My hubby works for Delta…so we fly a lot. Two things to say about this:

    1. The airline isn’t actually liable for that. He could’ve carried it on and had they made him gate check it…then they would’ve been liable.

    2. With all the bags that have to be schlepped I would advise everyone NEVER check anything valuable unless you have a very sturdy suitcase and are okay with possibly losing whatever you packed.
    We know this from experience in our own right :0)


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