Our retreat wrapped up this afternoon, and we had a wonderful time.  This retreat is different than most–it’s not a conference per se, but a retreat of encouragement, edification, sharing, and prayer.  Plus, we laugh and cry–a lot!  

I’ve included the group photo, a tradition we’ve had for the last ten years.  Enjoy!   You can click on the picture to enlarge. 
P.S. The secret to getting so many bright smiles on so many faces?  You have people say an energetic “yeah!” on the count of three.  One, two, yeah!  


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Love the picture, and I love actually recognizing a few and feeling like I “know” them a little from the Expo and their blogs!

  2. Sue

    Looks like a great group of people and I bet it was so inspirational. Glad you were able to get away to “recharge”. What are you working on now?


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