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Some friends of mine–friends who drew together around the Heavenly Daze series–are planning a cruise in January 2010. We’ll be leaving out of Tampa on the 28th for four nights/five days. Que habla espanol? Porque nosotros vamos a Mexico!

Here are the details:

Inside: Base price is $320, with port charges and taxes the total per person is $456.45. Insurance can be added for $29 per person.

Ocean view: Base price is $400,with port charges and taxes the total per person is $536.45. Insurance can be added for $29 per person.

Balcony: Base price is $700, with port charges and taxes the total per person is $835.45 Insurance can be added for $59 per person.

Deposit of $200 per stateroom is due July 12, 2009. Final Payment is due on November 19, 2009.

Transfers from the airport are $20.50 for one way and $40 for round trip.

Now–I’m not a travel person and I’m not handling any details on this. The person you need to talk to if you’re interested is Linda Gordon, and you can write her at lindag@mei-travel.com. She also has a Disney World package that you can add on to your cruise if you like.
So–if you’ve never been on a cruise and you’d love to try it with some friends who love reading, check it out! Lori Copeland is coming, too, and several friends are already signed on. We’d love to have you join us. It’s going to be FUN!


  1. Terri L. Gillespie

    Hmm. Is this a hubby and wife thing, or reader/writer thing?

  2. Linda G

    There will be some husbands along, at least Angie’s is coming. Last year when the Dazers got together several husbands came along. But there will be several ladies without husbands. So it is up to you. You can either make it a little romantic getaway or a girl friend getaway. Or if you don’t have someone to come it you, I do have someone (a female) looking for someone to share an inside cabin.

    Special note: the Walt Disney World packages for 2010 will probably not be released until August. I just don’t want anyone to book round trip to Tampa and then have a V-8 moment, “I could have gone to Disney,too!”

    Please ask questions. I have an informational flyer (and registration form!) that I can send you.

  3. Leslie

    Oh dear…. wow.

    Long story short: I’m starting to lose weight and I decided that my reward was going to be a cruise because I’ve always wanted to go on one… but I knew a main issue would be to find someone to go with so I wasn’t on a big cruise ship all by myself… LOL

    But… I don’t think I’ll have lost all my weight by January. In fact I was thinking more along the lines of May 2010…. Hmm.. something to think about though!

  4. Terri L. Gillespie

    Thanks for the info, Linda.

    And Leslie best to you on your weight loss.

    If you need a fat roommate who will make you look really good on the Lido deck, look me up.

  5. Debbie Hopkins in SC

    Well, Angie, you know I am going! Already signed up through Linda. Never been on a cruise before and so look forward to being with the Dazers on this–can’t wait to meet you, too!
    Leslie…we’d love to meet you…come join us even if ALL the weight isn’t gone! Deb in SC

  6. Leslie

    Thank you Terri! (PS, you don’t look fat in your picture, LOL! So don’t say that about yourself…. plus if you do have a few extra pounds, you always have a whole year to lose! :))

    Deb, but…if I go before I lose all of it (or most of it) what motivational will I have to lose the rest 😉

    I’m seriously thinking about it though!

  7. joydadmili

    Ronny and I are coming and my sister. we love these HD get togethers. thanks again Angie for creating this wonderful site

  8. Tanzel

    Count Tanzel and Carol in . . .
    What would y’all do for entertainment if the two of us were not there?????

  9. Linda G

    By the way we are only stopping in one port: Cozumel,Mexico. not two ports like pictured on the map.

  10. Gretchen

    I am going and I am brining my hubby! Mike is one of the token male Dazers! He came to the reunion last year and did all the cooking for us! He is planning on carrying Tanzel, Carol and my luggage! LOL! Can’t wait! This is going to be fun!

  11. Anonymous

    Really looking forward to it, Angie. Already booked! Clyde

  12. Ruthie

    My DH and I are going too! I won’t be a svelte woman by any stretch of the imagination, so don’t let a few pounds deter you from a fun time! Good to see other men are going … hubby won’t feel like a 5th wheel. See you all in Tampa!

  13. Koala Bear Writer

    Exciting! Cruises are very fun and these look like good prices. Too bad our plans for the next year are completely up in the air…

  14. Linda G

    Update: Right now we only have three ocean view cabins left.
    If you are still considering joining us, do not wait much longer.

  15. Linda G

    We are going to have a great time of fun and fellowship! Hopefully we will also have some sun. Please e-mail me by Friday the 10th if you want to come.


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