Girls Play Bach on a Giant Piano

Remember in the movie BIG, when Tom Hanks played the giant piano keyboard at FAO Schwartz?
Tee hee. These two girls would put him to shame. Fascinating!


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. That made my legs tired just watching! Impressive!

  2. Anonymous

    WOW is right! That was great fun to watch. Clyde

  3. Peg

    And yet another WOW! What a fun way to get exercise and enjoy it!

    Liberace once said that playing Bach felt more like finger exercises. Wonder what he’d think of this? Hee

  4. Linda G

    I wonder how long it took to learn that routine? If you scroll down
    the page, click on the Sound of Music video. It will put a smile on your face!

  5. Sue

    That is so cool! I was totally intimidated looking at that piano at FAO Schwartz… no way I was going to get on after seeing and hearing of people do that kind of thing!

  6. Angela

    I keep wondering how many calories they burn doing that . . .



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