Actually, I’ve been on a Tyler Perry kick for some time. The first time I saw one of his movies–I think it was “Madea’s Family Reunion”–I was shellshocked. I’d never seen the juxtaposition of Jesus and real life like that–I mean, usually if you hear so much about Jesus in a movie, you don’t hear the occasional curse word or bawdy joke.

But Tyler Perry movies are like real life. Real people who make mistakes, slip with their vocabulary, and go to church for encouragement. Madea is over the top, of course, but the issues in these movies are very real and very touching.
Lately I’ve watched all the Madea movies (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, etc), and then I watched “Daddy’s Little Girl,” “Why I Got Married,” and the one with Cathy Bates–the title escapes me, but it was wonderful.
I love the way his characters talk about Jesus in a natural way . . . and I love the way they are real people. If you’ve never watched a Tyler Perry movie, give it a try . . . and let me know what you think.
Photos: Tyler Perry as himself, and as Madea.
P.S. I am working hard on a rush project, so if I fall behind on the blog, forgive me, please. I’ll catch up as soon as I’m able.


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t want you to feel like nobody read this, so I’m jumping in with an inane comment. Never thought these movies would appeal to me, but I will give it a shot. After all, my Netflix queue is down to a measly 35 titles! Do well on your project – like I really needed to say that. Having a Barnabas moment!!! Clyde

  2. Kay Day

    I love his movies, but I’ve only seen the Madea ones so far. My favorite is Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
    I love the way he mixes heart wrenching pain with ridiculous humor.
    I love the redemption.

    Have you read any of his personal story? It’s very interesting, too.

    Maybe the other movie is The Family that Preys? Haven’t seen it, but heard it’s good.

  3. Lisa

    I’ve never seen those movies, but I’m having surgery next week, and I’ll have time to watch something. Thanks for the tip! I just finished The Silver Sword, and can’t wait to go get the rest of the series. I read She’s in a Better Place last week, but if I don’t pace myself, I’ll have nothing left to read when I’m recovering! Good luck on your project.

  4. Angela

    Yes! “The Family that Preys” is the one I was thinking of. Very good!


  5. Kim

    Tyler Perry’s movies always have many life lessons in them.My favorites are “Dairy of a Mad black Women and Madea goes to jail. He always brings to light the importance of family in each and every situation. He is so comical and very real in his movies. I love the way He lives outside the box when He shares his faith in God. We are not perfect people and we live in a imperfect world but we serve a perfect God who is crazy in love with us! He so wants to walk each step with us on this earth.We just need to draw near to Him..God is there for us! Kim from Tampa, Florida

  6. Adrianna O'Regan

    I was just thinking that I wanted to go watch “Diary of a Mad Black Woman!” I quite enjoy Tyler Perry.


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