Photo: Clyde’s picture of our first meeting at Glen Eyrie last year. 🙂 She’s quite the artist, isn’t she?

I’m home again, and catching up on all the things cluttering my desk.

First–it looks like my agent and I have found a new publishing home for my novels. I will soon, Lord willing, be signing a contract to write three new novels that will keep me busy for at least the next year and a half (I’m forcing myself to slow down these days). So that’s an answered prayer and good news.
Second–the collaborative book I’m doing on a rush deadline is coming along. I spent three days in Chicago with my client, and found her absolutely delightful. She also has such a riveting story that I find it hard to break away from it once I sit down to write. More details to come about this once I get the book handed in.
And later today, after my much-needed visit to the hair salon, I have to pack for Glen Eyrie and our annual writer’s summit. This is a WONDERFUL and unique writer’s workshop unlike any other, plus it takes place in the beautiful mountains and in a castle. Can’t beat that. 🙂 Plus, we’ve already been given (tentative) dates for next year: June 6-9, 2010. Mark them down!
And finally, I’m thinking about getting my Th.D. –that’s a Doctorate of Theology. The online school through which I got my doctorate in biblical literature is offering a new program, and it looks interesting, so I’m definitely going to check it out.
As I said on my facebook page recently–I’m so grateful I have so much to learn! I’m leaving for Colorado Springs tomorrow morning, so I’ll try to post a few interesting things while I’m gone.


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I’m so sorry you have such a dull and boring life with nothing to do….

    Mercy! Can’t wait to watch all this unfold!

    Have a safe trip!

  2. Accidental Poet

    “slowing down” = writing three new books and getting a doctorate?


  3. Kay Day

    I love the picture but I’m wondering where you legs are…

    Congrats on the new publishing home!
    And I’ll see you tomorrow!

  4. jan

    i am so excited about the three new novels! i just finished The Fairlawn Series and was getting worried i would suffer from withdrawal symptoms from angela hunt books! your books are the best!

  5. Anonymous

    This one is for Kay … I had arrived rather late at the castle. Everyone was already seated at their respective dinner tables. If you look really, REALLY closely, you will see Angie’s legs tucked under her table. If you don’t see them, I would suggest either going to your opthamologist or having another glass of wine. Both excellent remedies!!! =) E-gad, I am going to miss you all this time around. I am praying you have another wonderful session!!! Clyde

    P.S. Just back from a short vacation. Thx for showing the Klavan clip. He’s an interesting guy. Knew him at my church in California. Has gone from being a bar mitzvahed Jew to a conservative Christian in a series of steps. His original books were intense, guy-type thrillers (couple made into top movies) but has taken a new step into thrillers for teens that is extremely promising! Sorry to be plugging another writer on your blog, Angie, but he’s such a worthy human being … cot again

  6. Angela

    We miss you, Clyde! And no worries–I love promoting worthy authors on my blog. Happy that you mentioned Klavan. 🙂



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