First, I’d love to give away a copy of this book. If you’d like to be entered in the drawing, just leave me a note to that effect in today’s comments. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow and get a book right out to you!

Okay . . . questions?
Dana asked: Do you wish to write more historical fiction in the future? Do you prefer writing modern or historical fiction (i.e. which is more fun)?

I enjoy writing historical fiction because I enjoy research and learning new things, and I think it’s fascinating to put people in historical situations. But contemporary fiction is just as much fun (if writing is fun at all).

As to whether I’ll do any more of it . . . . that depends. Right now the market is very tight, and publishers are wanting authors to stick close to what they do best (i.e., what has sold the most for them in the past.) For me, that’s character-driven contemporary stories like THE NOTE, so I’ll be writing more of those, Lord willing.

If you have any other questions, be sure to leave them below and I’ll try to pop in today to answer them. I’m going to be out of town for most of next week, so I’ll be busy making a few preparations . . . . and trying to get over another bout of bronchitis. Ick. 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    Angela….I am just reading the “O’Connor” series for the first time…..almost finished with “THE GOLDEN CROSS”….my heart broke when Orabel died!

    Love your books!!!! This summer is my “Angela Hunt” reading summer! lol

    Denise ( a “seasoned” pastor’s wife in NC)

  2. Dana

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! I’ve never read any of your older books. Do you wish to write more historical fiction in the future? Do you prefer writing modern or historical fiction (i.e. which is more fun)?


  3. Anonymous

    Always happy to try to win a book. I own many of them, but love to give them to a potential new reader. Some of those I have loaned have not made their way back to my library. A quote from Shakespeare comes to mind …
    =( Clyde

  4. Lynda in MO

    Angie, please enter me for the book giveaway! Historical fiction is my favorite and you’re my favorite author – so this is a “must have” for me! Thanks for sharing the background of this book – I always enjoy reading about the creative process that goes into such a work.

  5. Patti G.

    I’d love to win – I actually don’t have this one.

  6. Andrea

    I loved the “O’Connor” series! I actually only read it recently because I found a library that had the whole series together.I hate reading books and not being able to finish the series!
    Which do you tend to develop first? Characters or plot (or do they sort of emerge together?)

  7. Melody

    Hey Angela, I would love to be entered into your drawing! “The Elevator” was recommended to me by several people a few months ago. I had just started reading again (hadn’t read any novels since I was a child) and I wanted to find some good christian authors/books. Your book Elevator was top on the list so I picked up a copy. I really enjoyed it! I was told all of your books are equally good & I can’t wait to read more from you! Thank you for writing GOOD christian books for all of us who like to read!

  8. Linda G

    Hi Angie,
    I would love to win a copy of this book,(or any other one you’d like to give away). I read this series a long time ago when I found it at the library.

    After reading your comments about church history I think I would really like to go back and reread it.

  9. Lara Moore

    Angela, I would LOVE to be in your list for the give-a-way. I met you last year at the Southern Christian Writers’ Conference in Tuscaloosa, AL. I’ve enjoyed reading the books I bought from you there & have been scouring bookstores for your others. Also, thanks for the daily blog posting! I’m a compulsive ‘blog-hound’ 😀

  10. The Marklund's

    Please count me in on your drawing for the book! I love historical fiction and I haven’t gotten to this series yet!

  11. Elaine

    Dear Angela,
    I enjoyed the Heavenly Daze and Fairlawn series. I would love to win and start in a new genre. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Andrea

    I’d love to win this book. I think my daughter would like this series…

  13. Kimberly

    I’d love a copy 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Please count me in on the drawing, too, Angie. Your writing always satisfies, and the only historical of yours I’ve read is MAGDALENE. (I’ve been late to discover you.) MAGDALENE was stunning; I’d love to read this series.

    Sorry you’re ill. Will be praying for you, and hope you’re “finer than frog hair” (as my hubby says) very soon.

    Mary Kay

  15. Angela

    I asked my hubby to pick a winner and he said #12, which was Andrea at 9:58 p.m. So Andrea, if you will contact me through my web page with your address and full name, I’ll get a copy of THE SILVER SWORD right out to you.

    Thanks, everyone!


  16. LuAnn

    I’d love to read your book. I’ve not read any of them yet.


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