A tip of the hat to Clyde, for sending this link. So powerful and so true!



  1. Anonymous

    Very interesting. Thanks, Clyde and Angie.

    I read a fascinating book last summer that showed extremely well the progression from some well-meaning and benevolent intentions to extremely cruel ends. (If it weren’t so late, I might even be able to remember the name of it! Perhaps find it. Maybe tomorrow.)


    Mary Kay

  2. Anonymous

    Back again. The book I referred to last night is HOW NOW SHALL WE LIVE? by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcy. Section 3 of the book focuses on consequences of the fall being denied. They build the case that shows the “utopian myth…leads not to beneficial social experiments but to tyranny. The confidence that humans are perfectible provides a justification for trying to make them perfect…NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. … William F. Buckley trenchantly observes: Utopianism ‘inevitably…brings on the death of liberty.’ “

    A powerful book with, I think, excellent points and clear logic. (Sorry about the caps/shouting. I don’t know how to do ital. here.)

    And Angie–a Th.D. You’re amazing!

    Mary Kay


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