When I traveled with the Re’Generation, we sang a song by Derric Johnson called, “Lest We Forget.” It was a powerful reminder of all the men and women–brave patriots–who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to build and defend this country where people are free to worship, work, and live.

As I waited in line at the Atlanta airport on Thursday, a soldier in fatigues stood behind me in line. A woman came up and offered him a card from the airline–I’m not sure what it was for, maybe a free meal or something–and he thanked her but said he already had one of those. She then smiled and thanked him for his service.
I see a lot of gratitude for our service people when I travel . . . and I’m grateful that people are grateful. I can remember a time when things were different.

May you have a blessed Memorial Day, but I hope you will also take some time to remember . . . lest we forget.

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