Today I’m sending you to another blog I stumbled over–I think it’s fascinating.

I don’t know about you, but I go through phases. Since I’ve been married, I’ve gone through the rug hooking phase, the cross stitch phase, the crochet/knitting phase, the sewing phase, the quilting phase, and the cake-making phase. For the latter, I signed up for that Wilton home class in which you receive a glorious kit every month, complete with cake pans, decorative dooly doodads, and all kinds of fun things to clutter your kitchen cabinets.
Well, this blog showcases professional cakes--some great, some a disaster. I especially like the gothic cake that turned out . . . not so gothic. :-/ Glad I wasn’t the bride at that wedding.
My favorite bizarre wedding cake, however, has to be the armadillo featured in STEEL MAGNOLIAS. That red velvet inside makes me laugh every time!
Enjoy your look around Cakewrecks. And you might notice that she now has a book for sale!


  1. Deborah

    i absolutely love that site. anytime i’m feeling a bit down, i go there and just start cracking up. i cannot believe that some people just cannot read or follow simple directions! my favorites are the ones that say stuff like “Write Happy Birthday In Green” and they will literally write out that whole sentence!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Oh. My. Those are something else. I have a blog friend who decorates cakes – I’ll have to see if she knows about that site!

  3. Angela

    Be sure to check out the “fan favorites” listed in a column over to the right. Some of these are fascinating!


  4. Erica Vetsch

    Oh, I love cakewrecks. Such a fun blog.

  5. Scobberlotcher

    Love this site, too. Too bad there’s no spell check for cake decorators. 🙂


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