I’m excited about some news I just learned–my friends Ron and Janet Benrey were supposed to teach at the Ridgecrest Novelists’ Retreat this October, but they had a schedule conflict. So I get to take their place in those gorgeous mountains! That’s right, I’ll be teaching again at Blue Ridge from October 4th through 8th. You can read all about it here: Blue Ridge Christian Novelists’ Retreat.

This video clip made me laugh out loud, even though I was expecting it. I just wasn’t expecting to see it quite like this. 🙂



  1. Smilingsal

    I saw this the night it aired. Smart dog.

    I’m happy to hear you’ll be teaching at Ridgecrest. I’ve been there once and loved it.

  2. Ruthie

    What a hoot! I was trying to imagine how Babe would play dead, but I think that’s just WAY beyond imagination!! LOL

    Glad to hear you get to go back to Ridgecrest. I haven’t been home in about 12 years…think I could fit in your suitcase? *smile*


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