Boy, has this month flown by! I don’t know how it is where you live, but Spring has sprung here and we’re already into pre-summer. When the sun is out, it’s hot!

LOL! As I watched this video, I kept trying to assign roles to these two cats–a writer talking to her editor? No, I never get that upset with my editors. A writer talking to a cruel reviewer? No, no one I know would be that gnarly . . . while meeting the reviewer face to face, anyway. The best I could come up with was a wife scolding her husband for coming home late . . . or a mother fussing at her teenager for breaking curfew or being found with drugs or something horrible.

Who do YOU think these cats could be?



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Poor little black kitty! Made me think of a teacher or a mom.

    Maybe the gripey cat is in the throes of PMS or menopause!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    To clarify, the video reminded me of a teacher or a mom, not the cowering black cat!

  3. Anonymous

    I absolutely love kitties and watched this video with my little Amy and Andie lying on the bed behind my desk. We all agreed that it was a major dressing down that Marmalade was giving to Tuxedo. The girls told me that Marmalade (wifey) was angry with Tuxedo (hubby) for saying that her outfit made her look too fat. Clyde

  4. Momstheword

    That Tuxedo cat isn’t very intimidated. Usually they slowly slink away from the aggressor.

  5. Kay Day

    I thought it was someone getting chewed out by the boss. Otherwise, he’d walk away, right? Can’t afford to lose your job, though.

  6. Ruthie

    This video made me think of the many times I had to get on my son for disrespect during his teen years. The more I “talked” to him, the more he just sat there…and the madder I got! Guess the marmalade cat is “just Mom.” LOL

  7. Doug and Terrye

    Sounds like John McEnroe talking to a ref, in the parking lot, after a “badly called” game 🙂

    Terrye in FL


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