I’m not sure what the point of the above exercise is . . . but it made me laugh. 🙂 I guess we all have to entertain ourselves somehow–especially on TAX DAY!



  1. Smilingsal

    Fun, as long as I suspend my disbelief. I noticed that when the black and white sheep is walking, if you focus on the men walking, you’ll see the editing.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands!! Hilarious!

  3. Anonymous

    Such good clean fun! I’m always amazed at how people amuse themselves. What have you done today to make yourself smile? There are plenty of Tea Parties out there. Why not go out and be a rebel today? It’ll be fun! Glenn Beck will be at The Alamo here in San Antonio. Wa-HOO! Clyde

  4. Angela

    Wave a tea bag for me, Clyde! I have several friends who are attending tea parties in their areas. Gotta love these grass-roots movements!


  5. Kay Day

    I love it! Fun, fun.

  6. LuAnn

    I guess even shepherds need something to do while out on the range all day. Too funny. Thanks, Angela.


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