I’ve decided that I don’t spend nearly enough time gazing at clouds. Apparently, however, someone does. Check out these unusual cloud pictures, and the next time you go outside, take a camera!



  1. lisa

    I love this! The six legged pig, and the dragon with a wig are pretty darned awesome!

  2. Sue

    I love looking at clouds and figuring out what they look like! It’s one of those free activities that can amuse for hours… okay, maybe only minutes depending on fast they go!

    Thanks for sharing these Angela!

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve always been fascinated by cloud shapes, but many of these are extraordinary and like nothing I have ever seen before! Two, in particular, were quite frightening. Think I’d head for the storm closet if I saw one of them in the sky. Clyde

  4. Peg

    Who can view these and doubt the existence of a Higher Being? What an awesome, Awesome God we have.


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