Okay, so we all know that most runway fashion is just a tad too extreme for real life. But this latest fad is a tad too extreme, I think, even for the runway.

Apparently someone has taken a cue from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe mishap at the Super Bowl a few years ago (remember that?) and purposely designed fashions that bare one breast. If you’re brave, you can read about it here:
All I can say is . . . well, frankly, this one leaves me speechless. And it’s going to take me a while to come up with a photo for this blog piece . . .


  1. robert basler

    Hey Angela, thanks for linking to my Oddly Enough blog. Please come back often and bring your friends.

    All bests,
    Bob Basler

  2. karenp

    Too bad this designer did use their creativity to design something worth wearing…instead of sensationalizing the outfit and the show. Wonder if it was done just to get press.

  3. Angela

    One would think so, Karen. Must simply be a publicity gimmick. I mean, isn’t that sort of thing illegal in most communities?

    But, as Linda pointed out, it’s hard to believe someone would stoop to such extremes even for publicity. Whatever happened to wanting to attract attention for something GOOD?


  4. LuAnn

    I honestly can’t see this taking off in very many places. Most women are just a tad bit too modest to wear this in public. Besides, how do you get into a restaurant that has a sign: “No shirt, no shoes, no service?”

  5. Ruthie

    This fashion “trend” merely shows the depths to which our society has gone. While I am appalled at such “fashion,” I shouldn’t be surprised. The continued degradation of our world demonstrates the intense need for Jesus and His imminent return. Can’t come soon enough!!

  6. Megan DiMaria

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