I had to snap this photo of Babe and Charley . . . they usually aren’t this chummy. 🙂

The research for SHE’S IN A BETTER PLACE–I had already done most of the research for the mortuary elements, but I did need to research Gerald’s disease. I was fortunate enough to find an online blog written by a man who suffered from the same illness, so I used his blog as a basis for symptoms, treatment, and a timeline.
The only other thing that really required some checking out was the mortuary convention . . . and the products sold there. Fortunately, those things are found easily on the Internet and yes, they’re real. We tweaked the names and brands a bit, but that’s all.
Also–the issue of large corporations buying up small funeral homes and then walking away with the money from prepaid plans–that’s a very real problem. Something to keep in mind if you prepay your funeral expenses. In a sense, “mom and pop” funeral homes remind me of “mom and pop” bookstores–they’re vulnerable to takeover by large corporations because the larger companies can buy in bulk, etc. But sometimes you lose the personal touch . . .
Tomorrow: the writing


  1. Smilingsal

    Your research paid off BIG time. It was a terrific series.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    You slways do your homework!

    So have you become, um, personally acquainted with a casket a la Letitia?!

  3. Angela

    Actually, Linda–yes.

    when I was in college, the youth department always put on this event called “Scare Mare.” A “house of death” with a salvation message at the end. Anyway, I volunteered to be put in a coffin, carried through a church meeting, and carried up on stage, where I opened the lid and handed a message to Dr. Falwell. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be IN the coffin, so the look on his face was priceless.

    And what I remember most about the experience was that the coffin was a snug fit, and the padding on the lid did sort of smash my nose. Which means I must have a very long nose . . . or it was a very low lid. 🙂


  4. Patsy

    I knew I should have gone to college!

    Angie you knock me out! I love your style and the magnificent way your mind works. I’m working at revving mine up–I bought hairspray called “Brilliant” and I figure if I spray enuf that lone cell languishing up there might rise up and hand me an announcement!

    Love you, Patsy


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