It’s here!  Or almost here.  You can read just one of several side stories here, or you can just tune in and watch the adventure on the Hallmark Channel, January 31st.  

(Gee, that picture doesn’t give the ending away, does it?) 
Yes, there’s a happy ending in store for Peyton and King, but they have to suffer through a few things to reach it.  
Hallmark is going to repeat “The Note” immediately before the premier of “Taking a Chance on Love,” so be sure to check your local listings as to time and station.  And enjoy! 


  1. Kathy

    Oooo. Back to back features!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    One of the few times I wish we had cable TV!

    BTW, I gave a friend THE FACE for Christmas. A few days ago she called to tell me she was reading a great book & had to tell me about it…except just as she called she realized I gave it to her. “But I knew you would love it!” She’s already told her mom about it and was trying not to read it too quickly, savoring it.

  3. Smilingsal

    I’m planning to watch it!

  4. Leslie

    As soon as it shows up on DVR schedule I will set it to record! 🙂

  5. sara

    very exciting!! I just called my mom to tell her too!

  6. jan

    can’t wait!

  7. Anonymous

    Ah, next year’s Christmas present. This year my dear hubby gave me “The Note.” We’re glad to look forward to Peyton and King’s happy ending, but since we don’t get Hallmark Channel, will have to wait until the DVD comes out. He’ll be glad to know Christmas shopping will be easy next year.

    Only, what, 113 more Angie-books to hit the movies. Who do we call, Angie, to nudge them along? When The Elevator hits, high-rise sections in major cities will be abandoned by thousands! That’s OK. They can stay home and read all the books they’ve missed.
    Mary Kay

  8. The Koala Bear Writer

    I watched “The Note” just before Christmas and LOVED it… so I can’t wait to see the sequel! 🙂


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