Somebody please put these dogs out of their misery.  Please.  

These are almost as bad as those pageants for little girls who are made up to look thirty and taught to shake their non-existent hips.  
It’s just not natural.  :-/


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I’m thinking not only is it not natural, it’s a little sick! What a waste of money and time!

    (Nothing like being a little judgmental first thing in the morning! LOL)

  2. Leslie

    *gasp* That’s all the same dog! Wow.

    I….I…I… words fail me.

  3. sara

    that poor, poor dog!

  4. Smilingsal

    That lady is torturing that dog. How awful!

  5. Anonymous

    After a quick perusal, I noticed that she didn’t try to mess with the cats on her website. I am a longtime owner and lover of dogs, but cats would NEVER allow themselves to be subjected to such indignities! Clyde

  6. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the owners be embarrassed to take their poor dogs out? All those roving animal rights activists would love to jump on that. Maybe those dogs never get walkies outside…maybe they lead secretly deprived/depressed lives isolated in artificial primp-house environments that smell of hairspray and nail polish. Also, think of the lack of affection they must endure….mustn’t muss the “do”.

  7. Julie Carobini

    I saw the pic on your post and thought, what’s all the fuss? But then I clicked the link and OH MY. My Charlie would be miserable, and I bet these dogs are too!!!

  8. jan

    that is just sad! those poor, poor dogs!


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