My sweet friend Cara Putnam interviewed me not too long ago about my upcoming legal thriller, LET DARKNESS COME.  If you want to check out the interview, you can find it here. Cara is both a lawyer and a novelist . . . and a new mommy.  She has her hands full! 

My cousin Belinda sent me a link to the following video–it’s a hoot, especially in the spirit of the season. 

We don’t have snow in Florida (yet! Who knows with the weird weather we’ve been having), but I’d love to see this dog in action sometime.  Take two minutes and watch him here–he’ll make you smile! 


  1. Kathy

    Funny. What great built in entertainment. I don’t share his enjoyment having grown up in northern IN (Elkhart) with lake effect snow to shovel at 5 a.m.

  2. sara

    that was so cute. But I am like Kathy, I moved to the south from IN and I don’t miss the snow one bit!!!

  3. Kay Day

    Oh, I would love to have snow like that!
    We just tend to get about an inch at a time.

  4. Anonymous

    WOW! Brings out some serious claustrophobia watching him … especially when he disappears! BUT – all that delicious powder!!! That dog is having way too much fun. I wonder what he’d do when faced with an ocean? Clyde

  5. Patti G

    Loved the video, in fact I love to watch snow falling. I could watch it for a long time …and… when I get tired of watching it …I’ll just change channels. 🙂 Have seen enough snow to last me a life time – that’s why we’re back in Florida. So what if it’s 75 degrees and I wear shorts on Christmas Day. I love it!!!

  6. Lisa

    I’m in Indiana and as I type we are getting slammed with a winter storm. I’m not a big fan of the snow, but I think if I lived somewhere that never got it, I would miss it. Especially around Christmas.

  7. jan

    thanks, angie! i wouldn’t get to see these cute videos otherwise!
    and, once again, i look forward to reading your next wonderful book!

  8. Andrea

    Oh my goodness – he looks so happy, but I’d be petrified that he’d get stuck or something and how would I find him? Maybe that’s because I’ve seen snow 2x in my whole life so I’m inexperienced and/or I have small dogs.

  9. Karen

    That is just too funny! I was LOL! I have to share this one 🙂

    This dog has totally uninhibited JOY!


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