Okay, this is too cute.  Here’s a cute internet card you can send to friends and loved ones.  Enjoy! 

And here’s an aside–I’ve been listening to Christmas music for most of the month, and I wanted to recommend a couple of unique Christmas albums.  All of these, BTW, are available for download from iTunes, so you can sample them for free and enjoy them in minutes! 
**Mandisa’s new Christmas album is lovely.   I love “Christmas Makes Me Cry.” 
**Derric Johnson’s Vocal Orchestra, Christmas in Velvet, volumes one and two.  Beautiful a capella music! 
**Celtic Woman’s Christmas album is lovely. Their version of “O Holy Night” is pure and simple. 
**Naturally Seven’s Christmas Album.  Gotta love “I Love a Love Story . . .”   


  1. sara

    that was such a cute card….love that web site!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That was so cute!

    And I posted Mandisa’s Christmas Makes Me Cry last Saturday for the weekly Then Sings My Soul Saturday meme. Such a poignant song this year for me. And I actually thought of you as well when I did so, knowing what you were dealing with last weekend.


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