I laugh when I sort through my memories about the editing of DREAMERS.  Unfortunately, the things I remember best are things that had more to do with writing for the sensitivities of a Christian audience than anything else. 

For instance–the Egyptians were, by contemporary American standards, an immodest lot.  Men typically wore a kilt, and nothing else.  Women wore sheer, tight dresses that were not only see-through, but often began beneath the breasts and fell to the ankle.  
So–I found myself often being very careful as I described clothing, etc.  And then there is that fateful scene where Potiphar’s wife demands that Joseph sleep with her.  Depending upon your Bible translation, in the attempt she either grabbed his “robe” or his “garment” or something, but in actuality, she probably grabbed his kilt . . . and kilts were the only garment slaves wore.  So, if the truth be told, Joseph was probably running through the house in his birthday suit, not in his skivvies. Not that it matters much to us, but I’m sure it mattered to Joseph. 
I just remembered something–and now I just forgot it.  Does that happen to you?  :-/  
Oh–it’s come back.  One change in the “refreshed” versions is that I went with the Hebrew names, not the English versions.  So Joseph is Yosef, his real name.  Why did I do this?  Two reasons:  1) for historical accuracy and 2) to honor any Jewish readers who might pick the book up.  When I write about Jewish characters, I think it’s only right to use Jewish names in order to properly reflect the culture.  
All in all, the editing wasn’t a difficult experience.  I think I had to “tone down” a couple of sentences in the seduction scene, but that’s about it.  Usually I’m pretty good at keeping my readers’ sensibilities in mind, partly because I share those same sensibilities.  🙂  
Tomorrow: The results/reactions. And if you haven’t yet entered the bookbag giveaway contest, read the details below! 


  1. Smilingsal

    Several things in Dreamers indicate the looseness of Egypt’s morals. That was an eye opener.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Egypt makes the USA look rather tame, although we are rapidly heading there.

    Like Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

    Or under the kilt?!

    I loved that you used the Hebrew names.

  3. Susan R.

    At least you gave Joseph a little privacy by clearing the house before he made his dash!

    Angie, forgive me for switching books on you here, because you know Dreamers is still one of my absolute favorites of yours, but if anyone reads Dreamers and needs something else to satisfy a taste for Egyptian lore and Biblical stories, they need to buy a copy of Shadow Women. I didn’t think anything could overtake Dreamers in my affections, but I think Shadow Women did.


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