Here are a few more pictures.  

The blue, blue waters of the Caribbean. 
Eric, mi nuevo amigo. He’s 17 and wanted to practice his English; yo necessito practicar mi Espanol. 🙂 
The adorable children of Guatemala. 
An expert demonstrating the proper way to zip-line.  (As opposed to hanging on with both hands and screaming). 
The waterfalls we hiked to in Guatemala.  🙂  Beautiful! 


  1. Patti

    Great pics. I especially loved your FBCIR shirt.

  2. sara

    Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!!! Welcome home!

  3. jan

    thanks for sharing your vacation pictures!

  4. Anonymous

    It was fun for me to look at your pics….we are going on a cruise to Key West and Cozumel in January. Did you book an excursion through the cruise line for Key west…or did you just look around by yourselves? Is Key West easy to navigate…..anything I should not miss?
    (Winner of your bag of books last Spring…I am still enjoying them…my church is too!)

  5. Mocha with Linda

    Loved seeing all the pictures! What an incredible trip. Glad you had such a great time.

    Guatemala is the one place I’ve been outside of the USA – when my sister was a 2-year missionary there in the 70’s. Such a juxtaposition of beauty and abject poverty.

  6. Lisa

    How fun! Glad your vacation was great.


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