Do you remember swinging as a kid?  There is/was a little neighborhood park around the corner from my house, and I remember going there and swinging . . . and no matter how hard I pushed and pulled and tried to go high, I never seemed to move beyond a certain point of the arc . . . and I think I would have scared myself silly if I had. 

To recapture the experience, watch this video . . . just be sure to hang on to something while you’re watching! 


  1. sara

    I found myself cringing as I watched that!!! yikes!

    Hey angie, when is the next book in the fairlawn series coming out?

  2. Angela

    Hi, Sara!

    SHE’S IN A BETTER PLACE, aka Fairlawn #3, releases in March. It’s on its way!


  3. Debbie

    Oh my goodness! I used to love to swing but never that high. That was quiet a video to watch. I found myself following his every move.

  4. Karen

    We weren’t allowed to stand up in the swings. But we would swing as hign as we could and then jump off — soaring for a few seconds. The soaring made the impact on the ground worth it though.

    I was holding my breath…and yes, clinging too…as I watched this video. Amazing!

  5. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. That made my hands clammy.

    I loved to swing as a child, too. Now it just makes me dizzy.

  6. Tim and Vicky

    Oh, my! I think I am nauseated. I’m reaching out for a 7-Up as I type. I doubt if I would ever want to do that front ways, but to go over backwards?? I think not!

  7. Kay Day

    “I think I should like to go up in a swing, up in a swing so high” something, something, something…something like that.
    I always liked that rhyme. And I liked swinging, but could only do it for a short time – got nauseated. I’m a wimp.

  8. Anonymous

    I was so sure he was going to over counterclockwise, as the natural progression would suppose. As he hung there in suspension, my breath stopped! Then, he swung around and completed the loop in the opposite direction. WOW! (I suspect he was glued into his shoes, which were glued to the seat. Woddya think?) Clyde

  9. jan

    i think i’ll stick to my slow, leisure swinging!

  10. Caitriona aka Catherine

    My first thought is where is the ambulance standing by just in case. Once he started getting close I thought, “do I hit the back button? or close my eyes? I hung in there and let out my breath that I didn’t realize I was holding. And I was one of those kids that parents yelled at because I was going too high and I might pull the swing out of the ground. It reminded me of my fearlessness and stupidity.


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