Writing THE FACE was challenging, especially at the beginning.  I had a dickens of a time trying to figure out whether it was Renee’s story or Sarah’s story.  I designed a plot skeleton featuring Renee, then I did one featuring Sarah. 

Finally, I realized that since I knew the ending (no spoiler here)–the story needed to belong to Sarah.  Though Renee was almost a second protagonist. 
Fortunately, at the time I was reading A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, which is a splendid read, if you’re interested.  Like THE FACE, it is a story about two women, and it solves the “problem” of having two protagonists in much the same way.   (I’d say more, but that would involve revealing a spoiler, so I’ll hush now.) 
As I wrote, I included a lot of information on the CIA–on (real) black sites, on torture, on waterboarding, and brain printing.  Some of that info hit the cutting room floor, as you’ll learn tomorrow as we discuss the editing.  
When I had the manuscript in passable shape, I sent it to MG, my favorite test reader, who added his usual astute comments and helped me tighten things up. 🙂  I use his initials only lest he be deluged with desperate writers looking for an expert editorial eye . . . 
Tomorrow: the editing 
Please join me in praying for our country’s future today. 


  1. Anonymous

    I’m afraid that I am working my way through the book faster than I had intended. Expect I am still absorbing all the details, but the story is too compelling to put down easily. The sensitivity and understanding with which you have drawn Sarah are amazing. The interactions between Sarah and Renee, and Sarah and Jud, truly are akin to the peeling back of an onion. Fascinating to observe. Clyde

    P.S. And yes, may God smile favorably on our beautiful country today. And may He give us the fortitude to accept His will. cot

  2. Mocha with Linda

    I may set a record for how soon I reread a book with this one! I’m already ready to go back through it.

    How thankful I am that God will not be surprised nor flummoxed by whatever may be the outcome of today’s election. I am grateful for His sovereignty and that His ways are above our ways.

  3. Amy

    I saw that The Face is one of the best books of the year on Publisher’s Weekly!


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