A couple of links for you today–

First, if you’re missing out on the fall foliage, you can go to this website and download some gorgeous photos for your computer desktop.  I found some beautiful fall trees that will have to satisfy my urge for fall color . . . 
And this next video clip is enough to make you believe in guardian angels.  🙂  If everyone were this fortunate, we could put lawyers and ambulance drivers out of business! 


  1. Kathy

    Not much fall color here either. October was my favorite month growing up in IN and seeing the leaves change.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. Those video clips were draw-dropping. Unbelievable. (But if we put the lawyers out of business, what would folks like you and James Scott Bell do for research?!)

    We don’t get much fall here in Central Texas. It’s nice and cool in the mornings (about 60) but yesterday afternoon it was in the mid-90s. It’s actually been more pleasant and in the mid-80’s most days. But I can only dream of fall color!

  3. sara

    wow, some of those were way too close for comfort. the one with the bank robbers made me LOL!!! You always find the best clips!

  4. Lisa

    The bank robbers made me laugh too. I hope they caught them eventually.
    We are definitely enjoying the changing of the seasons here in Northwest Indiana. The leaves are starting to change, and we had a beautiful sunny, but cool day for the girls last soccer game.

  5. Jackie Colburn

    haha..I caught myself wiggling in my seat to avoid some of those mishaps!

  6. Patsy

    Just come on up to MI you Floridian. The trees are just starting to dance with color…pumpkins are everywhere, hay stacks, scarecrows, even deer are out and about, grand flocks of migrating birds, and bushes that are flaming red.

    We’ll go to the mill and buy some fresh apple cider and we could even bob for apples if you wanna. Then back to my place for popcorn, caramel apples, hot cocoa and a chatty visit about books!

  7. Angela

    Ah, Patsy, after a description like that, I’m ready to buy a ticket! Sounds like heaven!

    And, speaking of books, my book club meets tomorrow night to discuss THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER. I give it a big thumbs up! 🙂


  8. lynnrush

    THANKS! Yeah, I’m out here in the desert, so I see a lot of brown, versus colorful leaves, etc.

    Thanks for the pics.

  9. Karen Power

    I’m missing the Fall colors this year. It’s my first in Dallas and I haven’t seen any colors yet.


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