Heading out to Jackson, Mississippi today . . . and thinking that the next time I pack my suitcase, it’ll be for my VACATION!  YIPPEE!  (We’re cruising again–going to Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico, I think. I only hope the Gulf remains calm.)  

Okay, so you’ve heard me talk about how much I love my Kindle–the ebook reader from Amazon.  But take a look at this, the next generation of e-reader.  (You may want to let the entire video load before you press play.) 

Okay, so it won’t fit into a pocketbook.  But can you imagine keeping all of your piano music on one of these?  Turning a page with a tap on the screen?  Having your entire college text–ALL of your college texts–on one of these?  Maybe the price of college textbooks would finally come down. 

Very Jetsons, isn’t it?  Moms could finally lighten their kids’ backpacks and stop all those little kids from toppling over backward in the school parking lot.  🙂  
I’m telling you, the future is an awesome thing . . . 


  1. Anonymous

    This is absolutely incredible! And, I thought the Kindle was fabulous! What a great tool for the businessman or woman. I bet the people I worked with before I retired would put this to great use. I also can see using this for music. When I think of the (seemingly) tons of paper I have held in concert, and how this would not only keep the music in order but also be easy to hold for hours, WOW!!! Thx for sharing, Angie! Have a safe trip. Clyde

  2. sara

    You know I didn’t even know what a kindle was until you talked about it…..now I so want one…..thanks! 🙂 The next time I pack (which is not very often) will be in 3 weeks for my trip to Italy with my mom!!

  3. Lisa

    I’ll be packed and on my way to PA in one week for my brother’s wedding. While I don’t have a Kindle to take along, I was going to read the old-fashioned way (turning pages and all), it doens’t matter now. My husband’s work schedule got changed and now I have to do all the driving myself because he can’t go. All 12 hours (one way) of it. So much for reading. Have a great trip!


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