This is a cute video about how the mobile phone has taken over our lives.  Love the sound track!  

I will confess, with all the cool apps now available for the iPhone, this video isn’t too far off the mark.  Sunday, after church, hubby and I were trying to figure out where to go for lunch.  I opened up my “Urban spoon” application on my iPhone.  It used its locator software to pinpoint our location, then it kept suggesting restaurants within driving distance until we finally picked one. 
Yep, the mobile phone is shaking things up!  What do you use your cell phone for?  Besides making calls, I mean? 


  1. Smilingsal

    (blush) I have no cell phone.

  2. Suzanne

    I use mine for lots of things. Taking notes while I mystery shop, I keep in it my pocket and don’t wear a watch anymore, texting with friends (that’s a must!), taking and uploading strange pictures onto my Facebook page.

    I’d be lost without it.

  3. Angela

    I forgot to mention that the cell phone celebrates its 25th anniversary this week!

    I used mine for phone calls, naturally, and as an alarm clock when I travel. I don’t trust the alarm clocks in hotel rooms, and wake up calls don’t always come. But so far, my cell phone has never let me down!


  4. Kay Day

    That’s cute!

    I only use mine for calls and not very often. I hate talking on a cell.

  5. Caitriona aka Catherine

    My phone is almost as cool as an iphone; I have the Blackberry Curve, my uses: GPS, email, internet, alarm clock and it doubles as my land line most of the time.

  6. Peggy Blann Phifer

    That is a very imaginative video! Fun.

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    Thanks for the “Life in Pages” blog!

  7. Kara S.

    No cell phone here. Well, not a “real” one. We have a Tracfone for car emergencies, but in our area there isn’t very good reception (usually no signal) so I don’t know how much good it would do us. =)

    But if I had a cell phone, like I did before I moved to the sticks in W.Va., I’d use it in place of my landline and definitely use whatever organizer feature the dream phone would have.

  8. Lisa

    This has been a point of contention between my husband and myself. We have basic cell phones that we use for calls. Other than that he doesn’t think anything elsed is necessary. However, all my friends and fellow teachers have email and texting plans. I’d love to get an iphone and the whole package, but at this point it comes down to my kids music lessons or a new phone. I think I’ll invest in the kids.

  9. Elsi Dodge

    I carry a cell phone and use it for AAA, 911, and on-the-road RV emergencies. Otherwise it’s never on; I get no messages; I’m perfectly content having a life without a phone interfering. ;-D


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