I tend to look at reports of global warming and climate change with a skeptical eye . . . because I don’t think the long term data supports the claim that man has changed the climate.  After all, while the northern polar cap is melting right now, the southern polar cap is larger than it’s ever been (in recorded history). 

Anyway, I had to laugh when I read this news report.  And when I think about how much money has gone into this project . . . I get a baaaaaad feeling.  :-/ 


  1. Smilingsal

    lol I read it, and here’s a future headline:
    Save the Planet, Eat Kangaroo Meat

  2. sara

    that is hilarious and about as crazy as the fox news report I heard that cow farts do the most harm to the ozone layer. cows apparently “pass” methane gas!!

  3. Kay Day

    I have had kangaroo. It’s yucky. Unless you like liver. It’s so gamey it tastes just like liver. blech. That’s why people feed it to their dogs.

    Also, this is so silly. It’s one thing to blame aerosols and industry, but to blame nature? Silly.

  4. Kara S.

    Oh. My. LOL I don’t know if it’s funny or just incredibly sad that people are wasting time and money on this.

  5. Leslie


    Wouldn’t that mean New Zealand’s atmosphere was pretty much unbreathable?

    And um, whether you are a creationist or a evolutionist – I think we both agree that sheep have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

    So….that just begs the question…. what kind of gas is this researcher on?

  6. Karen

    Amazing that money is being spent on this…and that we spent our time reading about it. I’m hiding my cats…they may be next!


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