Well, I know I’m talking about politics again, but this was sort of an exciting opportunity.  

Yesterday a girlfriend and I took off and drove down to Sarasota for the McCain rally.  Sarasota isn’t a large town, and we heard that the doors were to open at three; McCain was to speak at six. 

Sharon and I arrived at 3:15 and found a looooong line already stretching down four blocks.  We walked to the end of the line, greeting others, and found a real sense of delight from everyone. Nobody was griping about having to stand in line–everyone was delighted and maybe even surprised to find so many others present.  
We stood in that line for three hours, and we didn’t even get in.  We heard that the stadium seated 4,000, and there had to be more people than that outside the arena.  When it became clear that we weren’t going to get in, everyone just moved down to the front of the building to stand and wait . . . no one wanted to leave.  Everyone was just happy to be there and show support. 
The one statement I heard over and over was that the media would have us think that there’s no one voting for McCain–well, lots of folks are.  
Enjoy the photos.  I had fun snapping them.  Click on any to enlarge.  🙂
P.S.  I forgot–one lovely thing happened while we were all standing outside the arena, knowing we couldn’t get in.  We all had this urge to do something, and then it happened–someone started to sing “God Bless America.”  The song spread throughout the crowd, and we all finished in a rousing chorus.  
God bless America, indeed.  


  1. Smilingsal

    I’ve already voted (by Absentee ballot) and he got my vote.

  2. Kathy

    I voted early vote Wed and my 18 yr old son voted early vote for his first time voting on Tues. So did my husband. So there’s three votes.

  3. Tracy Ruckman

    I love hearing these reports. Last night, our local news reluctantly shared a poll that said John McCain was leading in Alabama 54-37%. But then they said another poll was taken, and with almost the exact same numbers, people thought that – even though they supported McCain – they felt Obama would win. That’s because the media makes it seem that way.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. lynnrush

    Oh, this is great! Thanks for sharing. I got the goosebumps when you mentioned the song breaking out in the crowd…awesome.

    Have a great Friday.

  5. Anonymous

    How exciting for you … and how neat that you all had such a great time even though you couldn’t get in to the stadium. Did they pipe the speeches out to your crowd? I’m still waiting for my absentee ballot to arrive here in Texas. First one got lost in the mail. Maybe the powers that be on the Left Coast knew which way I was going to vote!? Ha-Ha! Clyde

  6. Pam Meyers

    I live in the good old blue state of Illinois so no one comes here to campaign. McCain will get my vote but it’s a given the state will go to the Dems all because of Chicago. You look at the state by county and almost every single county goes Republican except for around Chicago, but there are so many people in that area that no matter what the other counties want, they get nowhere. Very discouraging.

  7. Georgiana

    I pray that everyone gets out and votes despite the media reports. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. Net Movie Blogger

    I just happened upon your web-site as a big fan of the Hallmark Movie, The Note. I was excited to learn recently that there will be a sequel… but I was ecstatic to see your Blog with the McCain Palin Rally Pics.

    I, too, am a big supporter of McCain Palin because I believe also, as you do, in Pro-Life and Small Government. God bless you for taking a stand on your blog and for sharing your views with others. Your reward is in heaven.

    I tell people… 10 out of 10 people die… and we will all meet our Creator. Either he will say Thank you for voting to save my Babies or He will say… WHY did you vote to Kill my Babies? It’s a Commandment- Thou shall not Kill. It really awakens people when you spell it out like that.

    God bless you for taking a stand! I was able to go to a Sarah Palin Rally on Oct. 17th. It was wonderful! You are not alone… stay strong, keep Praying- I believe God has victory in store for the Righteous!

    You might be interested in joining http://www.teamsarah.org … it’s a wonderful on-line group of women supporting Sarah Palin.

    God bless You!

  9. jan

    thank you so much for sharing this encouraging news with us!

  10. Lisa

    I saw the McCain bus when I was driving from Chicago to Philly 2 weeks ago. They were headed the opposite way on the turnpike.
    I’m so not into politics, but rest assured, I will be voting.

  11. Debbie

    I love the Jay the Contractor sign! 🙂

  12. Bonnie Leon

    Thanks for sharing Angela. Wish I could have been there.

    And McCain has my vote.

    Blessings to you,

    Bonnie Leon


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