Now that the days are growing cooler and shorter, I’ve felt this urge to pull out the knitting needles and crochet hooks.  The other night I crocheted a scarf in the time it took to watch a movie, and though the scarf is a little non-rectangular, it’ll do.  (Took me a while to find my rhythm again). 

I found this website that features some interesting creations of like-minded knitters and crocheters–I particularly like the pink bunny that can be seen from outer space.  And I seem to remember an octopus from my childhood–with braided legs.  Anyone else have one of those?  
In any case, enjoy.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to create one of these on one of these upcoming winter nights. 


  1. Smilingsal

    Angie, you’ve been Boo-ed! Come find out what that means. :-O

  2. Kay Day

    I think I probably could use a new digestive system. But I don’t knit.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Those are great! Love the anatomy ones! I have a couple of friends that are big knitters and I can’t wait to show them.

    As for me, I only knit my brows.

    P.S. The Face arrived on my front porch yesterday! I made myself finish the book I was on, but I’m starting it today. Happy am I!!

  4. Jackie Colburn

    Did you see the knitted fences from India? Wayyyy too cool!

  5. Angela

    Yes, I have to say that those fences were sheer art. So pretty! Why hasn’t anyone around here picked up that idea? Much better than chain link! 🙂

  6. Patsy

    My mom crocheted gorgeous floor length tablecloths that remain a treasure in our family.

    I once crocheted half of one slipper.

    Enuf said.

  7. jan

    i love to crochet afgans, but i’m not sure i could tackle these projects! they are so good! really loved the human heart! thanks for recommending this site!

  8. Elsi Dodge

    We made those octopuses in crafts at summer camp. I used to have a whole family of them, one from each summer. Not particularly cute, definitely not cuddly—but fun to make, anyway. And the closest I’ve ever come to sewing!


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